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TS-Optics PhotoLine 102mm f/7 Dublet FPL53 Apo
This apochromat from the PhotoLine series from Teleskop Service offers very good performance in any application area. By combining FPL53 (Ohara, Japan) and a lanthanum glass element, a chromatic correction is achieved which matches the one of an FPL53 triplet - with significantly quicker cooling down. Even at highest magnification, the image remains free from distracting chromatic aberration. This means that the fast refractor is not only very well suited for astrophotography and wide-field observation, but also for moon and planets.

Very fine mechanics guarantees joy with the telescope and universal application capabilities
The PhotoLine 102 mm apo offers, besides a lens of the latest generation, also a mechanical equipment which leaves nothing to be desired. Thereby the performance of the lens can be fully implemented photographically or visually.

Advantages and features of the PhotoLine 102 mm f/7 apo:
102 mm f/7 FPL53/lanthanum glass lens for an image free of chromatic aberration
Ball bearing supported focuser with rack & pinion adjustment. The support is decoupled from the adjustment of the draw tube.
Overdimensioned draw tube for full illumination even with full-frame format.
1:10 speed reduction for precise focusing.
Motorized focusing can be retrofitted.
M68x1 thread (female) for threaded adaptions and 2" / 1.25" for pushed adaptions
Internal baffles and very good internal blackening for contrasty images
Retractable dew cap for easy transport
CNC tube rings and GP style dovetail bar in the scope of delivery

Astrophotography with the TSAPO102F7:
The Photoline SD-Apo 102mm f/7 is fully suitable for astrophotography, however, like with any fast refractor, the field has to be corrected so that even the stars at the edge are nicely round. For this, we offer the following choices, the correctors are linked in the accessories section.
TSFLAT25DEL 1.0x Photoline Corrector:

This corrector does not change the focal length. It is screwed directly to the M68x1 female thread of the focuser with the adapter # M68a-M63i. The working distance from the M48 camera thread is 55mm. So the adaption is easy. We are happy to help you with the adaptation.
TSRed379 - 3" photoline reducer and corrector: This 0.79x corrector reduces the focal length to 564mm and increases the speed to f/5.53. The working distance from the M48 thread is 56mm. For a camera with 55mm flange focal length, simply use an M48 tuning ring with 1mm height. The corrector is screwed to the M68 connection thread. The illumination and correction is suitable for all sensors up to full format.

Astrophotographic results obtained with this telescope on Astrobin
Here you can find some astrophotographs made with this telescope model: Link to Astrobin

Technical Information
Teleskop-Service has collected a lot of helpful information about refractors and provided it in English as a PDF file: Refractors
Aperture:102 mm
Focal length:711 mm
Focal ratio:f/7
Lens design:Air-spaced 2-element object lens (douplet)
Apo element:FPL53 from Ohara (Japan) + lanthanum glass
Tube material:Aluminium - CNC manufactured
Tube weight:4.1 kg incl. tube rings and dovetail rail
Tube length:600 mm
Tube diameter:105 mm
Rear tube thread:M103x1 female
CNC rings:5x M6 female thread each side
Distances of the M6 threads:1x center, 2x 19mm from the center, 2x 30mm from the center
Outer diameter of dew cap:121 mm
Focuser:Ball bearing mounted 2.5" rack-and-pinion focuser
Connection at eyepiece side:1.25", 2" and M68x1 thread (female)
Backfokus:123 mm from 2" receptacle / 161 mm from M68 thread
Photoline 102 mm f/7 Apo
CNC tube rings
GP style dovetail bar
Finder shoe

Astrophotographic results obtained with this telescope on Astrobin
Here you can find some astrophotographs made with this telescope model: Link to Astrobin

Review from an happy customer - TSAPO102f7
The first lens is positive made of ED (FPL53) glass. Lanthanum negative lens - inside. Interestingly, the laser beam test showed that the light scattering is greater on the second (inner) lens, that is, the quality of the ED glass of the front component is really high. Measured aperture 102 mm - without internal cuts.


On the focuser case (white) there are two pairs of plugs for attaching the finder and / or guide shoes. In addition, there are screws for adjusting the focus of the focuser, but I did not need to touch them - the focuser walked well, leaving the center of the field of view from the axis was not observed, and the helical gear / rack provided accurate positioning of the receiver (eyepiece), without backlash, delay and lateral displacements. Measured backfocus 150 mm. The adapter is 1.25" traditional: there is a thread for a 2" filter, a compression ring, a fixing screw with a wide head.
A good focuser for both visual and photographic use.

Image Quality Testing

Testing was performed in visual mode on an artificial star with a magnification of 177x. The air temperature during the tests ranged from 18C to 26C. A study of off-frame showed the following:
Residual secondary chromatism is almost three times less than that of equal achromat. That is, it is still not a superachromate - during observations, chromatism noticeably distorts the diffraction pattern: the brightness of the first diffraction ring increases, the second becomes noticeable, dark gaps between the rings are flooded with light. And the green filter makes the picture cleaner - closer to the perfect Airy picture. But at the real contrast of the image, and even more so the resolution limit, this residual chromatism has practically no effect. Staining (color halo) is noticeable only in very bright objects, such as Vega and / or in the study of extrafocal.
Spherical aberration due to the inevitable spherochromatism is undercompensated for red and a little for green, overcompensated for blue. That is, spherical aberration turned out to be compensated somewhere in the blue part of the spectrum. For visual use, I would like compensation in yellow-green, but in general, the residual spherical is small - practically insignificant. Spherochromatism makes overcompensation of violet significant.
A pleasant surprise was the minimal artifacts of the star image associated with misalignment - and this is the main scourge of budget apochromats. The diffraction image in the center of the field of view is as close as possible to the axisymmetric. Only during transient thermal processes (lens cooling) does a small hint of the clamping triangle appear. After complete cooling at high magnification, a noticeable slight astigmatic deformation of the first and second diffraction rings is apparent. I don’t know how it will be in winter conditions, but in summer, nighttime cooling of the instrument does not cause problems.
Observations with a 2 "eyepiece (30 mm Explore Scientific) showed that the effect of image curvature (which is unavoidable for any one-component refractor) is significant. To compensate for the curvature at the edge of the field of view compared to the center, refocusing of the order of 2 mm is required! In fact, the image curvature (like concomitant astigmatism) is felt when using any long-focus 2 "eyepiece and the more noticeable, the higher the quality of the correction of the eyepiece. Even when shooting with an APS format camera, this telescope will need a field corrector (rectifier).

Conclusions and recommendations

I liked the telescope with the quality of implementation. In fact, this is a close to ideal visual tool of a small aperture. The influence of aberrations (both calculated and due to manufacturing / assembly errors) against the background of diffraction is small and does not limit the observer in any way. The mechanics of the pipe are almost flawless. For fans of visual observations - definitely recommend.

My personal opinion - compact lightweight scope. Now it my favorite scope. "My daaarling" :)

Vladimir Sokolov. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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Written by Olaf Zenker
on 2022-09-30

"sehr gute Qualität für den Preis"

Written by Sven Seelig
on 2022-07-15

"Sehr gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Der Apo ist hochwertig und sauber verarbeitet. Erste Aufnahmen auch ohne Flattener zeigen nur minimale Randverzerrungen und keine chromatische Aberration."

Written by Timm Deeg
on 2022-03-11

"Voll zufrieden. Eine Fluse im Refraktor wurde zügig entfernt."

Written by Klinger Michel
on 2019-10-24

"Sehr guter Apo aber im Moment noch nicht genug getestet "

Written by Horst Pfeiffer
on 2019-06-16

Eine sehr gute Optik ( getestet Jupiter-Opposition 2019 ) , hervorragende mechanische Qualität ( CNC-Tubus + 2,5" RAP OAZ ).

Optimales Preis- / Leistungsverhältnis !

Der Tubus kam sehr sicher + aufwendig verpackt bei mir an.

Absolute Kaufempfehlung !

Written by Ernst Theußl
on 2017-12-14

"Preis/Leistung top!"