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Compact and powerful finder and guide scope
Large aperture, little focal length - guiding stars everywhere, even far away from the Milky Way!

As a finder, the optics offer between 5.3° and 5.8° when combined with our crosshair eyepieces. That´s enough for a good overview. By using eyepieces without reticle, you get a super wide angle telescope for comets and the band of the Milky Way with its star clouds and diffuse nebulae.

60 mm aperture, 240 mm focal length, focal ratio f:4
non rotating helical focuser for precise focusing. If optimal sharpness is reached, just tighten the locking screw. The star remains exactly on its position without tilting or shifting.
1.25" connection with brass compression ring and T2-thread
for using an eyepiece, you need the adapter TST2-1-T2s or the extension tube TSVF1
Standard quick release finder interface (for Vixen, Celestron, Skywatcher, GSO and many others).

Use of autoguiders with 1.25" housing, such as ASI120MINI or Lodestar:

The focus is between 9mm and 19mm behind the 1.25" port. So the sensor would be too far inside. We simply recommend a good 1.25" adapter that screws onto the T2 thread. Suitable adapters are linked. Then the camera can be mounted easily, without focus problems.

Many cameras, like the ZWO MINI Guider, come with a 1.25" extension. With this you can also focus well. The extension should be turned out completely. However, you must not insert the camera completely.

Practical tip from Teleskop-Service:

With the linked eyepiece TSIR20 you only get a sharp image if you first focus the crosshair for your eye, then insert the eyepiece into the TSL60D, but keep a distance of about 4-5 mm, and then focus with the viewfinder/guide scope. To achieve the correct distance, a locking ring is helpful; the 1z counter is linked in the accessory and with a thickness of 5 mm can simply be pushed to the end of the barrel before it is clamped.
Aperture:60 mm
Focal length:240 mm
Back focus:9-19 mm from T2 thread stop (focuser in max. intrafocal position)
Focus range:10 mm
Focusposition from the tube:78 mm from the male T2 thread without helical focuser
Connections at eyepiece side:1.25", T2
Connection to telescope:standard quick release, Vixen style
Length:252 mm
Tube diameter:63 mm
Dew cap diameter:72 mm
Weight:563 grams
Adusting screws:6x M5
Guiding/Finder scope TSL60D
Adjustable finderholder

Practical tip TS: Adapting the M-Gen to the TSL60D:
The M-Gen is one of the most popular stand-alone auto guiders on the market. Combined with the TSL60D, it allows guiding telescopes with up to approx. 300 mm aperture. Many photographers prefer a screwed connection of the guider to the scope (see picture).

M-Gen back focus: 7mm (T2 thread to sensor)
TSL60D focus position: 16mm ... 26mm behind the T-thread
To achieve an optimal position, we recommend the 15 mm T2 extension TST2V15.

Using the TSL60D as finder - adaptation of eyepieces:
Of course the TSL60D can also be used as a finder with 60 mm aperture. To adapt the distance between the 1.25" receptactle and the focal plane, we recommend an extension: This can be the TSVF1 which is simply screwed into the eyepiece´s filter thread.

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Written by Andreas Buchmann
on 2023-10-04

"das Bild ist deutlich besser als bei einem 50mm ZF"

Written by Andreas Holm
on 2023-03-08

"Gutes Leitrohr!"

Written by Oskari Nikkinen
on 2021-05-29

Excellent guider/finder.

Its light, but still sturdy. The focuser is a joy to use, its stiff but not too stiff, i dont bother with locking the focuser as i dont think it has ever slipped. With an eyepiece (and an extension tube to reach focus) it turns into a high powered finder. I would buy this product again.

Written by Daniel Jung
on 2020-10-16

Well done guide scope. Lightweight and good quality.

Written by Miroslav Mitkov
on 2020-04-01


Written by Martin Weiß
on 2019-12-02

"Gut und günstig"

Written by Marcel Herheuser
on 2018-03-15

"einfach zu justierendes Leitrohr, der Helical Auszug erleichtert das Fokussieren sehr"

Written by Daniel Ackermann
on 2017-12-04

"Ich verwende den Sucher auf einem neuen Schuh der zu dem Sucherleitrohr dazu empfohlen wurde. Ich bin sowohl vom Sucherleitrohr als auch dem Schuh begeistert. Die Poljustage mittels ASI 120C und Sharpecap funktionieren grandios schnell und auch das Guiding findet zahllose Sterne mit dem Leitrohr. Tolles Produkt zu einem fairen Preis."

Written by Bodo Wilke
on 2017-05-17

"Die Verabeitung und die Anmutung des Leitrohres ist perfekt. Beim Guiden wie auch Visuell bilden sich schöne klare Sterne ab."

Written by William Berben
on 2017-04-12

"Super leitrohr geht super mit ein Lodestar Benutzung mit 200/1000 newton und gleich mal mit ein 190MN ;) Starker Bau mit guten Helical Focuser. Preisempfehlung is richtig. Bin froh mit dem Kauf. Gruß ***"

Written by Ingo Sewalski
on 2017-03-11

"sehr gut"

Written by Vittorio Liberti
on 2017-02-24

"Well done item, Very usefull. Unfortunately you need of an extension tube to focus with a lodestarx2 guiding camera. "

Written by Wenzel Ourednik
on 2016-07-14

"Ein schöner Sucher und Guidefernrohr. Passt sehr gut zum MGEN Autoguider."

Written by Antoon Maeseele
on 2016-03-15


Written by Reza Rezaei
on 2016-03-04

"gute Qualität und Verpackung"