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TS Guidemount - compact dual mount for astrophotography
With the Guidemount, Teleskop Service has created a versatile mounting bar for mobile astrophotography. The Guidemount fits to all mounts with Vixen style saddle plate like:
Skywatcher: EQ3, EQ5, HEQ5
Celestron: CG-4, Advanced VX
iOptron SmartEQ, iEQ3, SkyGuider with optional saddle plate
Orion USA SkyView Pro
To all GP level saddle plates

Range of use of the Guidemount:
The Guidemount is mainly intended for astrophotography with compact telescopes or telephoto lenses. The finder base at the side can hold either a finder for sighting the object or a mini guide scope for guiding.

DSLR camera with photographic lens and finder for wide-field photographs: Certainly a common application. Into the finder base, a small finder is inserted for aiming when photographing without guiding, or a mini guide-scope when autoguiding. If a camera is mounted, the GP saddle plate can be detached.

Astrophotography with compact telescopes and autoguiding: Especially compact apochromats, like the Photoline60 or the ImagingStar 65 mm and 71 mm, are ideal for mobile astrophotography. Attach the apo to the GP style saddle plate on one side, and guide with a compact guide scope which you have attached to the finder base. Such a combination can already be held by the Skywatcher mount EQ3 - an astrophotography setup suitable for air travel.

Multifunction bar for photo tripods: Combined with the optional TS Optics PrismenklemmeS, the Guidemount becomes a multifunctional holder for photo tripods. Simply screw the PrismenklemmeS saddle plate to the head of the tripod and insert the Guidemount dovetail bar. Then a finder is attached to one side and a DSLR or video camera to the oder one. By now, you can observe the subject through the finder, and if the situation suits, just press the shutter button. The troublesome peeking through the finder of the camera is no longer required.
Width:180 mm
Finder Shoe:36 mm at the lower base / 60°
Long Bore:Length 110 mm with 1/4" photo thread (male)
Saddle Plate:for Vixen GP style dovetail bars
Distance of the centers of the two clamps:140 mm
Weight:260 g
TS Optics Guidemount with GP MINI saddle plate

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Written by Rainer Ulmer
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"Absoluter top Service. Schnell. Kompetent."

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"sehr gute Qualität"

Written by Bernd Henrichs
on 2016-05-17

"Gut verarbeitet. Für die Leitrohrbefestigung von TS-Leitrohr 60 mm an Celestron 9.25 allerdings atwas zu kurz."

Written by Piotr Malinski
on 2015-12-31

"Handy for guider + lens imaging ***"