3-Element color free APOs from TS, APM, CFF, LZOS, TeleVue ...

Triplet APOs with FPL53, FPL55 or FCD100 APO Element from 70 mm to 230 mm Aperture

These apochromats meet very high requirements. The triplet objective provides color-pure imaging up to the highest magnification range. The Apos are equipped with new R&P ball bearing slides that support heavy accessories.

The CF-APOs from Teleskop-Service, for example, are ideal for demanding visual observation and astrophotography. Suitable correctors are linked. The HIRO APO series from Japan is ideal for amateur astronomers who want to choose the optimum focuser themselves.

Each apo is optically checked before shipment. A certificate with serial number is enclosed to the apos.

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