Modified DSLR - System - Astro Cameras without peltier cooling

Here you find modified DSLR Cameras, Modification Offer and Accessories for DSLR Cameras like power supply.
On this page you will find converted Canon EOS cameras for astrophotography and offers for the conversion of your camera. In addition, we offer here Astro cameras with air cooling and passive cooling, which are also suitable for long exposure.

When selecting cameras in this category, it was important for us that the sensor should provide a smooth image even at higher temperatures and that amplifier glow should be moderate or barely present. In addition, the sensor should also be large enough to satisfactorily image celestial objects. The advantage of cameras with air cooling or passive cooling is the lower power consumption and there is no danger of icing up the sensor. Cameras with Peltier cooling can be found in a separate category.

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