Newtonian Reflectors up to 500mm aperture

The reflecting telescope, named after its inventor Newton, is one of the most famous telescopes for astronomy. This type offers high light-gathering power and is also interesting for astro photography.
Here you can find Newtonian telescopes from beginner telescope to semi-professional observatory - telescope for astrophotography.
The TS Photon Newtons are versatile telescopes for observing and astrophotography, they are produced by GSO for Teleskop-Service.
The UNC / ONTC Newtons are manufactured for you in Germany. Here you will find Newton telescopes without compromise.
Under "Newtonians other" you will find the well known STARSCOPE entry level Newtons from TS-Optics but also all other Newtons from manufacturers like Skywatcher, Celestron, Orion-UK ...
Under "Newtonians with Corrector" you will find Newton telescopes with built-in coma corrector but also Maksutov Newtons and hyperbolic astrographs for astrophotography.

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