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HIRO APOs from Teleskop-Service offer a unique concept
You determine the focuser and thus the application of your apochromatic refractor by choosing the focuser. Whether you want a planetary telescope, a universal refractor or an astrograph for large sensors, we can supply you with a complete telescope made to measure and ready for immediate use. Every HIRO APO optic has been checked and optimally adjusted at our optical bench before being stored. A checklist is included with every apo.

The selected objective of the apo
The apochromatic triplet objective was manufactured in Japan with the temperature-compensated cell. Precise manufacturing and therefore a very good image quality are guaranteed. Thanks to the special FCD100 glass, which is comparable to FPL53, the apo impresses with a clear and high-contrast image. FCD100 is an optical glass with extremely low dispersion from the Japanese glass manufacturer Hoya.

The mechanics of the apo
In addition to the objective and the focuser, the tube and the connection to the mount are of course important for the apo. Here, too, the HIRO APO offers a very good standard. The tube is stable and torsion-resistant, the threads are precisely machined into the tube. Inside, the tube is painted matt black and fitted with computer-optimized internal baffles. CNC tube rings and two dovetail bars complete the quality features.

Astrophotography with the HIRO APO 106 mm
TSRED106 - 0.75x field corrector: The 3-element field corrector and focal reducer has been designed and developed especially for this apo and offers optimal results up to full format. It is screwed to the focuser via the M63x1 thread. The focal length is reduced to 525 mm and the focal ratio is improved to a fast f/4.95. The working distance is 55 mm from the M48 thread.

TSFLAT25DEL - 1.0x field corrector: If you want to use the full 700 mm focal length photographically, you will get very good results with this corrector. The working distance is 55 mm from the M48 thread.

Free choice of focuser, you can also mount your own focuser:
Basically you have a free choice of focuser, as far as this makes sense. You can even have your own focuser adapted by us, we only need the exact connection data or the telescope-side connection element.

The telescope can grow with your requirements.
It is particularly exciting that you can combine this high-end apo with one of the simple and inexpensive focusers, which are not bad at all, and thus obtain a relatively inexpensive but high-quality apo that can grow with your requirements.

Conversion from planetary telescope to rich-field astrograph in a few minutes:
Another option of the HIRO APOs are optimized focusers for different applications. For example, you can have us put together a large focuser with a mounted corrector and motorized focus and perfect focus position for astrophotography and screw it on if you want to do astrophotography. If you just want to observe or do planetary photography, simply unscrew the photographic focuser and screw on the visual focuser. This gives you two specialists with just one telescope.

Select the appropriate focuser and adapter
In the technical information you will find the connection thread on the tube and also the distance of the focal plane from the thread. You will also find selected suggestions for focusers in the accessories section. We will of course be happy to advise you on choosing the right focuser. We also have ready-made adapters for frequently used threads such as the M90x1 thread in stock, as many focusers have this thread on the telescope side or there are adapter solutions for this thread.

This is how we hand over the apos to the stargazer:
Our aim is for you to enjoy this HIRO APO right from the start. That´s why we check every single telescope:
Prior to storage, each objective is cosmetically and optically inspected and optimally collimated with a reference focuser.
Before shipping, the telescope is of course screwed together and the focuser is checked again. A short test is then carried out to check whether the focuser is optimally positioned. This service is also carried out if your own focuser is used.

Technical Information
Teleskop-Service has collected a lot of helpful information on refractors and made it available in english as a PDF file: refractors.pdf
Aperture:106 mm
Focal length:700 mm
Focal ratio:f/6.6
Objective:Air-spaced triple element apochromat
Special glass:FCD100 from Hoya as APO element
Cell:Temperature compensated cell - adjustable
Tube:Aluminum CNC tube with internal blackening and internal baffles
Tube diameter:114.5 mm
Tube weight:approx. 5 kg with rings
Dew shield:145 mm diameter
Connection thread on the tube on the focuser side:M114x1 male thread - length 9 mm
Distance from connection thread to focal plane:300 mm
APO tube without focuser
CNC tube rings
2x dovetail bars (EQ5/Vixen style)
Dust cap for objective lens

Suitable focusers can be found in the accessory section.
Photograph, not by a customer
Wolfgang Ransburg has taken a beautiful image of the Rosette Nebula, which we are pleased to present to you here:

Object: Rosette Nebula (NGC 2237/38/39/46)

Photographer: Wolfgang Ransburg, Baldham (Germany)
Capturing telescope: TS-Optics 106 mm f/6.6 FCD100 HIRO APO at f/4.95 (APO106HIRO)
Corrector/Reducer: TS-Optics 0.75x REFRACTOR Reducer Corrector for TS 106 mm f/6.6 Apo (TSRED106)
Filter: Antlia ALP-T 2 inch Dual Band Narrow Band Nebula Filter H-Alpha and O-III - 5 nm (ALP-T-2)
Imaging camera: ZWO ASI2400MC Pro (ASI2400MC-P)
Mount: 10Micron GM3000 HPS (BA1453000)

Congratulations on this great photo!

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