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Product number: TSSU630w

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TS 6x30 Finder with Bracket
This finder is already a major improvement over the typical 5x24 finders. It shows stars up to 9th magnitude and is therefore well suited for locating objects, even in regions with few stars.

The finder has an achromatic lens with full 30 mm aperture. Contrary to many cheaper finders, the aperture is not stopped down!

The bracket of the finder:
The finder has an easy to use and very practical finder bracket. You only need to operate two screws located at 90°. A spring eliminates the need for further screws. The bracket will fit into standard finder bases from TS, Vixen, Skywatcher, Celestron, GSO, ...

If you do not yet have a compatible finder base, we offer a selection of bases separately under "recommended accessories".

The finder can be focused for your eyes by turning the objective cell. Once you have attained a properly sharp image, you can lock the focus with a locking ring. Unless the user changes, this procedure will need to be done only once.
Aperture:30 mm
Bracket:With 2 thumbscrews and countering spring
True field of view:7.5 degrees
Apparent field of view:45 degrees
Image orientation:Mirrored and upside down
6x30 finder
Bracket for standard finder shoes

Recommended accessories


Written by Tom Regnery
on 2021-04-06

"Im Lieferstadium nicht befriedigend, da die Objektivlinse nicht genügend verstellbar ist, um ein scharfes Bild zu erreichen. Ich habe mir für die Okularseite einen Verlängerungs-Gewindering angefertigt, um das Problem zu lösen. "

Written by Daniel Pillis
on 2020-07-02

"Macht was er soll, gut und wertig verarbeitet."

Written by Tom Regnery
on 2020-02-08

"Der Standardsucher 6x30 ersetzt bei mir grundsätzlich den schweren, verstellanfälligen 8x50-Standardsucher. "

Written by Andres Sanchez
on 2017-08-12

"Perfecto buscador y muy bien de precio"

Written by Antonio Soffici
on 2017-08-08

"Nice little finder, surprisingly robust for a very small price. One rather large drawback, though: you can´t change the focus of the reticle. Well, I haven´t been able to do it..."

Written by GTS s.a.s.
on 2017-02-03

"Very nice."

Written by Stephan Trzeciak
on 2016-08-17

"Erfüllt seinen Zweck. Keine Problem mit Installation und Einstellung. Scharfstellen ist gewöhnungsbedürftig."

Written by Tom Regnery
on 2015-12-19

"Der gute klassische 6x30-Sucher. Stabil und optisch gut."