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TS Optical Soft Microfiber Cleaning Cloth:
This optical cleaning cloth cleans, for example, dirty eyepieces without scratching. It allows a gentle cleaning of all optical surfaces and can be used over and over again. If it should become too dirty, it can easily be cleaned in the washing machine (washable up to 30 °C) and will be like new afterwards. The Optical Soft Cloth cannot fray out at the edge, as it neatly seamed.

The Optical Wonder cleaning fluid with dose vaporizer:
Clean your sensitive optical surfaces with a professional fluid which was tested and is used on ZEISS APQ objectives. The spray head allows for exact placement and also the application to the surfaces as fine spray.

An important tip for using the fluid:
You can spray the fluid directly onto large optical surfaces like a photo lens, a mirror or a correction plate. For smaller optical surfaces or at the edges you should spray the fluid on the microfiber cleaning cloth and then use the cloth to clean the surface.

Practical tip - how to clean optical surfacs the most gentle way:

- Preparation is made with the bellows. The airstream removes larger particles without touching them.
- Then you apply a bit of cleaning fluid to the TS Optical Soft Cleaning Cloth and carefully dab the surface with the moisturized spot. Thus you remove the remaining particles which would cause scratches when rubbing.
- At last, you clean the surface with a dry spot of the Optical Soft Cleaning Cloth or with a second cloth.

Important features of the Optical Wonder cleaning fluid:
solves dirt, aggressive oils, pollen and fat
leaves no traces when dried
less aggressive than conventional cleaning fluids with equal cleaning effectiveness
suitable for delicate optical surfaces
cleans without scratches: eyepieces lens surfaces and even mirrors (follow the instructions)
works as a buffer to prevent scratches when using a microfiber cleaning cloth
applies a protective layer against bacteriae and glass-damaging fungus
protects sensitive coatings
dose vaporizer for economical use
removes fingerprints and their aggressive residue

In our new video, we show you how to clean optical mirrors and lenses using Baader cleaning fluid.

As always, the English language video includes subtitles, selectable in all available languages.

Link to video on YouTube:
Dimensions cleaning cloth:27 cm x 27 cm
Content cleaning fluid:100 ml (3.38 fl. oz.)
1 TS Microfiber cleaning cloth, 27 cm x 27 cm
1 Bottle cleaning fluid Optical Wonder, 100 ml

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