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TS Bellows for cleaning of optical Surfaces
The bellows from Teleskop-Service should not be missing in any accessory case, photo case or eyepiece case. You can gently remove dust from sensitive surfaces with the bellows. In opposite to compressed air bottles, you are ensured that no residues of propellant gas will get on the optics, and the bellows is more environmentally friendly, anyway. Due to the reduction of the inner tube diameter to only 2 mm at the front, a concentrated airflow is generated when pushing the bellows, which blows away any loose dust and sand grains.

Especially when working with CCD cameras, where every dust grain becomes visible as unaesthetic donut, but also when carefully cleaning eyepieces, mirrors or objectives, blowing clear the surfaces prior to cleaning is very important. Never blow on the optics using your lips, as there are always small droplets in your breath which will remain on the optics or even smear over from the cleaning.
Bellows material:Soft, flexible plastic
Tube:Hard plastic with a 2 mm hole at the front
TS Bellows

Practical tip from Teleskop-Service - how to clean optical surfacs the most gentle way:
Preparation is made with the bellows. The airstream removes larger particles without touching them. Often, the promlem is already solved only by doing so.
Then you apply a bit of Baader cleaning fluid to the TS Optical Soft Cleaning Cloth and carefully dab the surface with the moisturized spot. Thus you remove the remaining particles which would cause scratches when rubbing.

- At last, you clean the surface with a dry spot of the Optical Soft Cleaning Cloth or with a second cloth.

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Written by Frank Neithöfer
on 2022-08-03

"Einfach und gut"

Written by Peter Merten
on 2022-07-06

"sehr handlich "

Written by Andrew Horne
on 2022-03-15

"Simple bellows work well - has a stopper for the end to keep the inside clean"

Written by Florin Enescu
on 2022-02-15

"Good product, maybe for removing dust it would have been better a suction air instead of a compressed air device."

Written by Kai Witomski
on 2021-07-15

"einfach und effektiv, preisgünstig dazu, so soll das sein. "

Written by Hans Wartburg
on 2020-08-25

"Zur Reinigung absolut ok."

Written by Frank Pagels
on 2020-05-16

"tut was er soll"

Written by Alexander Wenter
on 2020-05-01

"Guter Blasebalg. "

Written by Burkhard Wallesch
on 2020-04-21

"braucht man einfach"

Written by Kent Rheborg
on 2020-02-13

"A nice product."

Written by Bert Ensing
on 2019-12-25

"Funktioniert gut"

Written by Carsten Ziolek
on 2018-04-12

"Erfüllt seinen Zweck. "

Written by Hendrik Bennink
on 2017-12-27

"Praktisches Hilfsmittel."

Written by Klaus Hohmann
on 2017-11-18

"Tut was es soll: Entfernen von losem Staub auf optischen Flächen, schnell und gründlich."

Written by Axel Mesek
on 2016-12-18

"Bisschen billige Plastikanmutung, tut aber was es soll."

Written by Thomas Kuch
on 2016-12-04

"sehr praktisch!"

Written by javad abbasalizadehajamy
on 2016-10-27

"Is good for the price .and I am sudisfat"

Written by Silkanni Forrer
on 2016-06-16

"Zur Reinigung der Optik"

Written by Alberto Squillante
on 2016-05-17

"Perfect item"

Written by Vincenc Podobnik
on 2016-03-24

"Works very well, I only wish the dust wouldn´t stick to the bellows so much."

Written by Harald Becker
on 2016-03-04

"bläst super"

Written by Werner Maunz
on 2015-12-08

"Den Blasebalg verwend ich zum berührungslosen reinigen der Teleskop Optik. Ich bin mit dem Blasebalg rundum zufrieden."