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Rigel Quick Finder
The inexpensive and compact alternative to the Telrad. The Rigel projects two rings onto a glass disk, with the outer ring roughly corresponding to the field of view of an 8x50 finder. Simply place the target object in the inner ring and you have it in the main tube in the field of view of a low magnification eyepiece.

Very Compact
The Rigel is especially suitable for smaller instruments, as the base only takes up a space of about 6x6cm. The weight is very low, since the housing is made of plastic. Nevertheless, the device is very stable thanks to the good workmanship.

Easily adjustable
The rings are very well adjustable parallel to the main tube with three knurled screws.

Brightness adjustable
The two rings are continuously adjustable in brightness. In addition, you can even switch the rings on and off automatically. This allows you to reach even fainter stars for adjustment. You can infinitely adjust the speed of switching on and off.

Protection from dew
The housing protects the plate from dew, so that a dew cap is no longer necessary.

Two base plates
Two base plates are included, so you can operate the RIGEL independently on two different telescopes. The base plates always remain on the telescope.

Not included is the battery; a lithium coin cell CR2032 or BR2032 is required.

Praxistipp von Teleskop-Service
The RIGEL in combination with the Deep Sky Travel Atlas: An interesting alternative to GoTo!

The Deep Sky Travel Atlas shows three rings around almost all listed objects. The two inner rings correspond exactly to the rings of the RIGEL bearing finder.
Wherever the rings are drawn in the Deep Sky Travel Atlas, there is also a reference star nearby that can be seen with the naked eye. Simply place this reference star in exactly the same position relative to the two rings of the RIGEL as it is plotted in the Deep Sky Travel Atlas.

Example: If, according to the Deep Sky Travel Atlas, the star is between the 2nd and 3rd rings, at 9 o´clock, then also place the star at the same position with the RIGEL ( i.e. slightly outside the 2nd ring.

With a little practice you will have the objects so loosely at low magnification always in the field of view of your telescope.

This is a nice alternative to GoTo, it is cheap, does not need electricity and is quiet. Moreover, this combination works on really any mount.

Under "Recommended Accessories" you will find the Deep Sky Travel Atlas.
Type:red dot finder
2 bases

Recommended accessories


Written by Francesco Maiani
on 2021-06-29

"It´s fantastic: super-light, accurate, and with the perfect dimness range. Never without one. "

Written by Andreas Lehmann
on 2017-09-25

"Spitzen-Produkt. Besonders erwähnenswert sind die stufenlos einstellbare Blinkgeschwindigkeit und Helligkeit der Peilkreise und das geringe Gewicht. Durch die hoch bauende Form stößt man beim Einblick nicht mit dem Kopf gegen das Teleskop."

Written by Veronika Fröhlich
on 2017-01-31

"Alleine das Festmachen auf meinem Fernglas ist etwas schwierig - sonst ganz cool."

Written by Frans Schaik
on 2016-12-23

"very helpful item for finding objects"

Written by Marcus Z.
on 2016-01-02

"Sehr gut, jedoch ist die Basis breiter und länger als nötig. Die Bedienelemente auf der falschen Seite sind sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig. Zumindest den ein-aus-Schalter hätte man ja auf die Rückseite nehmen können..."