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TS-Optics 8x50 Finder Scope - locating objects quick and comfortable
Aiming to an object during countryside viewing or in the sky when observing stars is easily and comfortably achieved with this finder. This compact telescope provides sufficient true field of view and comfortable 90° viewing position.

Upright and non-mirrored image - like with binoculars
When searching for the object, you don´t need to readjust. Of course, the image is upright and non-mirrored. With this, you can find the objects quick and unerring.

This finder is like a small telescope with 50 mm aperture
The finder alreadily gathers more than 50x as much light as your eye. You can see many objects in the sky directly through the finder. The well-manufactured achromatic object lens offers the right sharpness. The stars are point-shaped.

Centering objects perfectly with the reticle
Th efinder has a fine reticle which does not hide the (often) relatively small objects. You can move the object into the middle will surely find it in the telescope.

Individual focusing
For achieving best possible optical performance, the finder can be focused for your eyes by turning the objective cell. Once you have attained a properly sharp image you can lock the focus with a knurled locking ring behinf the objective cell.

Solid adjustable bracket for stability
A stable metal bracket keeps the finder exactly in the right position. This can eaily be adjusted with only two screws. Thus the finder is always parallel to the main telescope. The bracket will fit into standard finder bases from Vixen, Skywatcher, Celestron, GSO, and similar. For self-adaption, we offer suitable finder bases in the accessories section.

Optics with two-element lens
Simple finder scopes often use a stop behind the lens for reducing the aperture in order to avoid optical aberrations. This high-quality object lens has no need for this. The lens consists of two elements, like an achromatic refractor, and offers a clear image full of contrast. The eyepiece provides good sharpness, too. Additionally, reflexes are avoided by multi-coating and a neat internal blackening.
Aperture:50 mm
Lens:2-element, achromatic
View:90° angled
Colour of the finder scope tube:White
Weight:324 / 479 g without / with bracket
8x50 angled view finder scope - white
Metal bracket with 2 adjustment screws and thrust spring
Rubber O-ring for centering the finder in the bracket

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Written by Bernd Augustin
on 2023-12-31

"Okular und 90°-Ansatz aus einem Stück und fest mit dem Suchertubus verbunden. Will man den Einblick in eine andere Richtung drehen, muss der Sucher in seiner Halterung gedreht werden. Geht aber problemlos."

Written by Zoltan Molnar
on 2021-08-24

"Was früher Metall war, ist heute nur noch Plastik, aber er funktioniert"

Written by Manuel Zürcher
on 2021-08-20

"Replaced my 8x50 standard spotting scope. What a change! "

Written by Eugen Wimmer
on 2021-07-13

"Den Winkelsuche habe ich auf der HP gesehen. Er erleichtert enorm das Ausrichten auf die angepeilten Sterne.Das ist ein rückenschonendes Produkt. Empfehle ich weite."

Written by Marcel Müller
on 2021-07-12

"Die Qualität des Suchers ist sehr gut. Ich nutze es an meinem Dobson 200/1200. Dadurch habe ich eine bessere Position zum suchen und schone meinen Rücken. "

Written by Jo Sanders
on 2021-06-24

"Gutes Produkt."

Written by Diego Vecchiet
on 2016-04-10

"very fine !"