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TS-Optics 6" f/5.9 Refractor - 2.5" R&P Focuser - Ohara (Japan) Objective

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TS-Optics 6" f/5.9 Refractor - 2.5" R&P Focuser - Ohara (Japan) Objective

The TS 152mm f/5.9 refractor is a rich-field telescope with better mechanic and better color correcture as a standard achromat refractor.

The TS 6" f/5.9 refractor telescope is a great alternative to simple achromat refractors but also to very expensive ED and APO refractors. The Ohara objective has a better color correcture than a standard 150mm f8 achromatic refractor.

♦ Very well corrected 152mm f/5.9 2-element objective

♦ Generously dimensioned 2.5" dual speed rack and pinion focuser

♦ Very good for moon and planets. We also offer Semi-Apo filters to increase the contrast

♦ Air spaced objective in fully adjustable and temperature compensated lens cell

♦ Transport length only 805 mm - dew cap retracted

♦ CNC rings with transport handles

♦ Also good for astropohotography - moon, planets and deep-sky with filter support

♦ Findershoe mounted on the focuser


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TS-Optics 1.25" Eyepiece Set with Filters and Adapter - 12 Items in Metal Case

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Baader Hyperion Mark IV Zoom Eyepiece (8-24 mm) - 1.25" & 2"

Eyepiece-side accessories like Filters:
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TS-Optics 2" Premium UHC Nebula Filter against Stray Light - more Contrast

74,79 EUR*

Baader Kontrast Booster 1.25" - against refractor´s false colour

instead 20,92 EUR
only 19,22 EUR*

TS-Optics 1.25" Grey Filter ND 09 - 13% Transmission - Neutral Density

General Accessories:
192,44 EUR*

USB_Focus v3 Set (controller, temperature sensor, strong motor) for < 1.5 kg payload

276,47 EUR*

USB_Focus v3 Set (Controller, temperature sensor, strong motor for payload <4.5 kg

100,00 EUR*

USB_Focus adapter kit for 2.5" and 3" R&P focusers

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Baader AstroSolar Telescope Solar Filter - Aperture: 160 mm, Tube: 180-220 mm

27,69 EUR*

Petzl Tikka Outdoor Headlamp, red or white light switchable

Cleaning & Collimating:
instead 6,68 EUR
only 5,03 EUR*

TS-Optics Optical Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


Baader Optical Wonder Cleaning Fluid with Dose Vaporizer

6,64 EUR*

TS-Optics Cleaning kit (five parts) - for almost all optical surfaces

Transport & Covers:
268,87 EUR*

Starway Carrying Case for big refractors to 6" aperture and 900 mm focal length

instead 82,35 EUR
only 67,18 EUR*

TS-Optics Padded Transport Bag with internal Divider - length 1000 mm

instead 83,95 EUR
only 75,59 EUR*

TS-Optics padded Carrying Bag XXL with internal divider L=1210 mm

46,18 EUR*

TS-Optics Adapter from M68 and M63 to M48 - Riccardi Connection Adapter

32,77 EUR*

TS-Optics Adapter from M63x1mm to M68 ZEISS Level female thread

Diagonal Mirrors & Prisms:
158,82 EUR*

TS-Optics Optics 2" Star Diagonal with 99% Reflection - FUSED QUARZ - 1/12 lambda

145,38 EUR*

TS-Optics Optics 2" Star Diagonal with 99% Reflection - 1/12 lambda

Finder & Accessories:
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TS-Optics 50 mm Right-Angle Finder Scope with 90° Amici prism - 1.25" helical focuser

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TS-Optics Finder Shoe with flat support surface and slotted hole

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Skywatcher Starpointer Red Dot Finder with quick release base

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Planisphere for 50° N

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Star Atlas - Start into practical observing - Maps & Tips

20,56 EUR*

Erich Karkoschka "Atlas für Himmelsbeobachter" - 6. edition

Barlow, Corrector, Reducer:
instead 100,00 EUR
only 83,95 EUR*

TS-Optics Optics TSB22 2x ED Barlow lens, 2 inch, ED Element - BIG BARLOW

Photo Acessories:
335,29 EUR*

TS-Optics REFRACTOR 0.79x 3" ED Reducer Corrector for big sensors

instead 24,37 EUR
only 20,92 EUR*

TS-Optics Focal Adaptor 2 inch to T2

205,88 EUR*

TS-Optics REFRACTOR 0.79x 2" ED Reducer Corrector für APO und ED

250,42 EUR*

TS-Optics REFRACTOR 1.0x Flattener for Full Frame Sensors - M63x1 connection

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