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TS Optics 2" Star Diagonal Mirror with 99% reflection and CNC body.
The 2" star diagonal is coated with the same aluminium layers as high-quality telescope mirrors. We achieve a maximum reflection of 99%, and like a telescope mirror, the coating is protected from ageing by a quartz layer. The quality of the mirror is maintained even after many years.

The mirrors substrate is fused quartz, comparable to Zerodur or Sital
If you want an absolut high-end star diagonal, with excellent planarity and reflectivity, then the star diagonal with the quartz substrate is the right one. Fused silica mirrors offer a higher thermal stability and have no bothersome expansion effects through temperature differences.

Further advantages and features of this TS star diagonal mirror:
High-quality CNC body completely made of metal
2" barrel without safety notch - no jamming possible - the mirror harmonizes perfectly with compression rings
2" and 1.25" accessories are gently and precisely clamped by compression rings
Thread for 2" filters at the 2" barrel and at the reduction adapter for 1.25" accessories
Maximal illumination - even extreme 2" wide angle eyepieces can be used to the full
High-quality mirror with precise surface and 99% reflection - when observing, you will not notice any difference in brightness and sharpness, compared to direct vision

Body:CNC body
Clamping:Compression rings for 2" and 1.25"
Mirror:Surface quality 1/12 lambda - reflection 99%
Mirror substrate:Fused quartz
Coating:Dielectric coating - non-ageing and scratch-proof
Optical path length:110 mm path to the end of the 2" receptacle
Internal threads on both sides of the body:50.45 mm diameter - pitch 24 TPI (inch thread)
2" star diagonal mirror - 2" barrel without safety notch - 2" receptacle with compression ring
Reduction from 2" to 1.25" with M48 filter thread and compression ring
Protective caps at telescope and eyepiece side (against ingress of dust)
Robust cardboard box

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Written by Ingo Aderhold
on 2023-01-31

"Alles einfach nur top. Schnell, unkompliziert, tolle Ware und bester Service ✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️"

Written by Cedric Potterat
on 2023-01-25

"Sehr gut"

Written by Ulrich Schimek
on 2022-07-09

"Gute mechanisch und optische Qualität "

Written by Georgi Georgiev
on 2022-03-21

"Perfect 2-inch star diagonal!"

Written by Claus Waschk
on 2022-02-22

"Nur zu empfehlen!"

Written by Uwe Kielpinski
on 2021-12-01

"Nachdem ich zunächst falsch bestellt hatte, wurde problemlos getauscht. Die Verarbeitung ist massiv und wertig. Der erste Praxistest war sehr zufriedenstellend."

Written by Christian Urlaub
on 2021-12-01

"Sehr gutes Bild. Im Vergleich zu anderen Zenitspiegeln ist der Blick hier geringfügig, aber merkbar heller. Sehr klares Bild und Ringklemmung ist wirklich viel schöner, als Schraubklemmung. Der mitgelieferte 1 1/4"" Adapter funktioniert auch gut und alles hält, selbst wenn auch ein schwereres Okular mal auf den Kopf fällt. "

Written by Nils Lijster
on 2021-07-06

"Clear images. Perfect!"

Written by Nils Lijster
on 2020-10-27

"The best I ever had. Recommend it to all! "

Written by Dietmar Heineke
on 2017-03-17

"Solide Ausführung mit offensichtlich ausreichender Reflexion."

Written by Uwe Dengler
on 2015-12-17

"Solide gearbeiteter, qualitativ hochwertiger 2"" Zenitspiegel. "