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Baader Optical Wonder Cleaning Fluid with Dose Vaporizer
Clean your high-quality optics with a professional fluid that has also been tested and used on ZEISS APQ objectives.

With the Optical Wonder liquid from Baader, you can gently and effectively remove dirt from your lens or mirror surfaces. The built-in spray also allows you to position the liquid precisely and apply it as a fine mist to the surface to be cleaned.

Customer Feedback on Micro Fiber Cloth and Cleaning Fluid:
"The microfiber cloth and the cleaning fluid work fantastically - I wouldn´t have expected that!" ... Jürgen Banisch

An important application tip:
For large surfaces, such as a lens, mirror or correction plate, you can spray the liquid directly. For smaller surfaces or even the edge areas of the objective, you should apply the liquid to a microfiber cleaning cloth and apply the liquid with the cloth. This prevents the liquid from penetrating the inside of objectives or eyepieces.

Practical tip from Teleskop-Service - how to clean optical surfaces most gently:
The preparation is done with the bellows. The air flow removes larger particles without touching them.
Then apply some cleaning fluid to the TS Optical Soft Cleaning Cloth and carefully dab the surface with the moistened area. This will remove any remaining particles that might otherwise cause unsightly scratches when rubbed.
Finally, clean the surface with the dry area of the Optical Soft Cleaning Cloth or with a second cloth.

Safety instructions:
Please read the operating instructions BEFORE use!
Liquid containing alcohol, keep out of reach of children!
Avoid contact with eyes!
Do not use on open fire!
Do not smoke!
Protect from sunlight!
Keep away from food and beverages!
Do not use on surfaces sensitive to alcohol, for example acrylic glass
Cannot be shipped by air freight due to safety restrictions

In our new video, we show you how to clean optical mirrors and lenses using Baader cleaning fluid.

As always, the English language video includes subtitles, selectable in all available languages.

Link to video on YouTube:
Content:100 ml cleaning liquid
Cleaning fluid
Instruction manual

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Written by Peter Goletz
on 2023-04-14

"Klasse Produkt, absolut zufriedenstellene Ergebnisse, nichts besseres auf dem Markt"

Written by Hans-Peter Eichelseder
on 2023-03-21

"alles bestens"

Written by Gerrit Bachmann
on 2022-11-24

"Sehr gute und rückstandsfreie Reinigungswirkung. Auf jeden Fall eine Empfehlung."

Written by Nikolaus Geisriegler
on 2022-09-14

"Reinigt für mich am besten"

Written by Henry Röhr
on 2022-01-05

"Ist sehr gut in der Anwendung und zeigt super Ergebnisse."

Written by Dupre Franck
on 2021-06-08

"What else ;)"

Written by Matthis Reuter
on 2021-02-16

"Super Produkt. Fur nahezu alle optischen Flächen geeignet, wenn man sich an die Anleitung hält. "

Written by Patrick Winkler
on 2020-10-29

"Top für opt. Produkte"

Written by Klaus Cunitz
on 2019-12-18

"Bestes Reinigungsmittel für Okulare dgl."

Written by Peter Oehlinger
on 2019-11-26

"Der Standard unter den Reiningern"

Written by Robert Meixner
on 2019-10-12

"seit Jahren in Verwendung gibt nichts besseres"

Written by jochen scharmann
on 2019-09-27

"Die Reinigungswirkung ist absolut top. Der Pumpsprüher ist gut für größere Flächen wie Objektive"

Written by Andy Müller
on 2018-01-08

"Super Produkt!!!"

Written by Hendrik Bennink
on 2017-12-27

"Praktisches Hilfsmittel"

Written by Patrick Winkler
on 2017-11-07

"Bestes Reinigungsmittel für optische Geräte "

Written by Pawel Lancucki
on 2017-05-17

"Great product, I am using it for years."

Written by Maria Amoros
on 2017-02-18

"Das Produkt nehme ich für die Reinigung meines Celestron Teleskop. Ich fand die Ergebnisse sehr gut und es hat mich sehr gefreut zu sehen, wie schnell es ging, ohne reiben müssen. Keine Spuren, keine Streifen, definitiv sauber. "

Written by Patrick Jeckel
on 2016-03-26

"Sehr gute Verarbeitung."