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TS-PHOTON 8" F4 Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Metal Tube

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TS-PHOTON 8" F4 Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Metal Tube

The PHOTON Newtonian reflector with 203 mm aperture and the focal ratio f/4 is a fast astrograph for astrophotography and an awesome rich-field telescope.

♦ Aperture 203 mm / focal length 800 mm / focal ratio F4

♦ High-quality parabolic primary mirror with 94% reflectivity for a brighter image.

♦ Large secondary mirror with 70 mm diameter for a well-illuminated image field - also suitable for cameras with full-frame size sensors.

♦ Precise 2" Crayford focuser, 1:10 dual speed for accurate focusing - motor focus is optionally available.

♦ Adjustable primary and secondary mirror cells made of metal, useful collimation aid on the primary mirror.

♦ Focus position ready for observing with all popular eyepieces and for astrophotography.

♦ Extensive scope of delivery: 8x50 finder, tube rings, 2" extension tube for observing, dovetail bar.

♦ Quicker ready for photography and observing through fan for the primary mirror.


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TS-Optics 1.25" Grey Filter ND 09 - 13% Transmission - Neutral Density

General Accessories:
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Rigel nFocus Motorfokus for GSO and TS-Optics Crayford Focusers

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USB_Focus adapter kit for TS / GSO 2" Focuser

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USB_Focus v3 Set (controller, temperature sensor, strong motor) for < 1.5 kg payload

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Baader AstroSolar Telescope Solar Filter - Aperture: 200 mm, Tube: 220-260 mm

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TS-Optics M4 Knurled Screws for Secondary Mirror Adjustment, Length 45 mm

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Petzl Tikka Outdoor Headlamp, red or white light switchable

Cleaning & Collimating:
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TS-Optics Newtonian Laser Collimator - 1.25" - precise collimation of Newtonians

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TS-Optics Optical Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


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TS-Optics 2" Barlowed Laser Collimator for Newtonian Telescopes

Transport & Covers:
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Geoptik Quilt Bag for Telescopes to 8" Aperture - Lengh 800mm

Accessories for mounts:
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TS-Optics Losmandy level dovetail plate - Length 7,8 nch - 200 mm

Finder & Accessories:
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TS-Optics safe Solar Finder for the finder shoe of your telescope

Photo Acessories:
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TS-Optics Bahtinov Mask for Astrophotography - D= 215 - 260 mm

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TS-Optics Adapter to C-Mount for 8x50 finder scopes from GSO, TS or Meade

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TS-Optics NEWTON Coma Corrector 1.0x GPU Superflat - 4-element - 2" connection

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