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TS-Optics Newtonian Laser Collimator - 1.25" - precise collimation of Newtonians
With the TS Newtonian adjustment laser, the exact collimation of your Newtonian telescope is accomplished in a few minutes. Check the collimation within seconds - you always have the guarantee to have a well adjusted telescope.

The advantages of the TS LA:
Rigid all-metal design. Once collimated, the laser will not lose its collimation. Not a simple plastic unit!
The laser diode can be recollimated should it get a shock.
Comfortable 45° side viewing port
Long 1.25" barrel and broad flange for perfect position of the laser inside the focuser of the telescope
Handy on/off button

A significant improvement - the 45° view port of the laser:
The 45° angled view port allows you to see the collimation progress from the rear of the telescope. Even large Newtonians can thus be easily collimated by a single person.

Using the laser collimator in fast Newtonian telescopes:
Fast Newtonian telescopes usually have a secondary mirror offset. This means that the secondary mirror is not perfectly in the center, but a few millimeters away from the focuser and towards the primary mirror. The offset is used so that the telescope illuminates the field of view more evenly. This offset makes collimation with classical collimation eyepieces (like a Cheshire) difficult. A laser collimator does not have any problem with offset, so collimation is much easier with the laser.

Detailed Adjustment Guide:
Teleskop-Service provides instructions for Newtonian alignment using alignment lasers. You can download it here.
Housing material:Metal
Ray color:Red
View of the reticle:45°
Laser diode adjustable:Yes
Power supply:3x button cell V13GA/LR44
Barrel size:1.25" (long barrel)
TS Laser
3x Batteries

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Written by Peter Thelen
on 2023-06-06

"Massive Verarbeitung und macht einen guten Job."

Written by Markus Wallberg
on 2023-01-31

"Tolles Produkt und absolut zweckmäßig."

Written by Steffen Sachse
on 2022-02-11

"- Werksseitig gut justiert - Korrekter Durchmesser von 1,25? - Gut fokussierter Strahl - Genug Leistungsreserve für eine Barlowlinse (werksseitig nicht vorgesehen) - Kreismarkierungen am Einblick wären wünschenswert "

Written by Martin Weiß
on 2021-12-30

"Wie beschrieben"

Written by Morten Hjermitslev
on 2021-08-27


Written by Stefan Korth
on 2020-04-30

"Mein 12""-Dobson ist damit innerhalb von zwei Minuten wieder auf den Punkt justiert. Sehr einfache Handhabung! ***"

Written by Andrea Alessandrelli
on 2017-06-24

"My cat loves it. "

Written by Andreas Vogl
on 2017-01-24

"Preis Leistung OK."

Written by Giuseppe Luca
on 2016-11-11

"Più che ottimo."

Written by Diego Vecchiet
on 2016-04-10

"very fine !"

Written by Vincenc Podobnik
on 2016-03-24

"Now that I´ve git the Laser Collimator, I don´t know how I managed without one for so long."

Written by Helmut Wagner
on 2016-01-09