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Celestron Telescopes is one of the worlds leading telescope maker. Teleskop Service is a leading Celestron Dealer and General Distributor from Austia.

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 Celestron / GoTo computerized Telescopes  
1.508,42 EUR*

Celestron NexStar 8 SE - 203/2032mm Schmidt-Cassegrain GoTo Telescope
629,42 EUR*

Celestron NexStar 4 SE - GoTo Maksutov Cassegrain - 102/1325mm
920,18 EUR*

Celestron NexStar 5 SE - GoTo Schmidt Cassegrain - 125/1250 mm
1.088,25 EUR*

Celestron NexStar 6 SE - 152/1500mm Schmidt-Cassegrain GoTo Telescope
instead 2.839,66 EUR
only 2.684,91 EUR*

Celestron CPC 925 GPS - 235/2350mm SC GoTo Telescope
instead 2.193,97 EUR
only 2.154,31 EUR*

Celestron CPC 800 GPS - 203/2000mm GoTo SC telescope
instead 3.702,59 EUR
only 3.525,25 EUR*

Celestron CPC 1100 SC GPS - 280/2800mm GoTo SC telescope
instead 1.633,62 EUR
only 1.503,38 EUR*

Celestron Advanced VX - C6 SCT GoTo Telescope - 150/1500mm
instead 1.892,24 EUR
only 1.760,53 EUR*

Celestron Advanced VX - C8 SCT GoTo Telescope - 203/2000mm
instead 2.323,28 EUR
only 2.138,68 EUR*

Celestron Advanced VX - C9.25 SCT GoTo Telescope - 235/2350mm
580,17 EUR*

Celestron Maksutov Telescope NexStar SLT 127 with GoTo
3.087,43 EUR*

Celestron C11 GoTo Telescope on N-EQ6 GoTo Synscan mount
instead 2.685,34 EUR
only 2.546,24 EUR*

Celestron C9 GoTo Telescope on N-EQ6 GoTo Synscan mount
instead 2.193,97 EUR
only 2.015,99 EUR*

Celestron Advanced VX EdgeHD 800 GoTo Telescope - 203/2000mm
instead 2.969,83 EUR
only 2.722,72 EUR*

Celestron Advanced VX - C11 SCT GoTo Telescope - 279/2800mm
2.427,76 EUR*

Celestron NexStar Evolution 9.25 - portable 9.25" Schmidt Cassegrain GoTo Telescope
1.424,39 EUR*

Celestron NexStar Evolution 6 - portable 6" Schmidt Cassegrain GoTo Telescope
2.049,60 EUR*

Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 - portable 8" Schmidt Cassegrain GoTo Telescope
3.105,08 EUR*

Celestron Advanced VX EdgeHD 925 GoTo Telescope - 235/2350mm
instead 3.487,07 EUR
only 3.323,56 EUR*

Celestron CGX 929 - 235/2350 Schmidt Cassegrain GoTo Telescope
instead 4.478,45 EUR
only 4.200,89 EUR*

Celestron CGX 1100 - 279/2800 GoTo Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope
10.079,94 EUR*

Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope SC 356/3910 CGX-L 1400 GoTo
10.920,28 EUR*

Celestron EdgeHD Telescope 356/3910 EHD14 CGX-L GoTo
3.231,13 EUR*

Celestron CGEM II 700 Maksutov-Cassegrain - 180 mm Telescope on GoTo Mount
2.516,81 EUR*

Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 HD with StarSense - portable 8" SC GoTo Telescope
 Celestron / Guiding the Telescope  
102,59 EUR*

Celestron Guide Scope Rings with Quick Coupling for 3" Losmandy style dovetails
251,27 EUR*

Celestron Off-Axis Guider for EdgeHD and SC telescopes
 Celestron / Maksutov Cassegrain Telescopes  
344,41 EUR*

Celestron Maksutov-Cassegrain 127/1500 mm OTA
 Celestron / Microscope digital  
instead 292,24 EUR
only 251,27 EUR*

Celestron LDM II LCD Digital Microscope with 3.5" Screen #44341
 Celestron / Microscope photography  
284,88 EUR*

Celestron LCD & camera microscope accessory
 Celestron / Microscope: prepared slides  
24,37 EUR*

Celestron prepared slides in wooden box - 25 pcs.
83,20 EUR*

Celestron prepared slides in wooden box - 100 pcs.
 Celestron / Microscopes biological  
142,02 EUR*

Celestron biological microscope for beginners - up to 400x
192,44 EUR*

Celestron Advanced Biological Microscope with more functions - up to 500x
335,30 EUR*

Celestron biological microscope - LED illumination - max. 1000x
586,56 EUR*

Celestron PRO binocular microscope - Halogen illumination max. 1500x
74,79 EUR*

Celestron optical & digital microscope for the beginner with digital camera
100,00 EUR*

Celestron Microscope Micro360 - Top & bottom LED illumination
369,83 EUR*

Celestron Labs Microscope CB2000CF - binocular
553,78 EUR*

Celestron Labs Microscope CB2000C - binocular
268,07 EUR*

Celestron Labs Microscope CM2000CF
105,04 EUR*

Celestron Labs Microscope CM800
 Celestron / Microscopes stereo  
587,41 EUR*

Celestron Stereo Zoom Microscope - Halogen illumination - 10-67x
234,46 EUR*

Celestron Labs Stereo Microscope S10-60
66,39 EUR*

Celestron Labs Stereo Microscope S20
 Celestron / Motorfocus  
245,45 EUR*

Celestron Focusing Motor for SC and EdgeHD Telescopes
32,78 EUR*

Celestron Focusing Motor Retrofit Kit for RASA 11"
 Celestron / Mount Acc .. Counterweights  
133,61 EUR*

Counterweight 10 kgs for Celestron CGE Pro, Skywatcher EQ8 and Losmandy
91,59 EUR*

Celestron 5kgs counter weight for CGEM and AS-VX - bore diam. 20mm
91,59 EUR*

Celestron 7kgs counterweight for CGEM, EQ5 - D=20mm
63,03 EUR*

Celestron 5kg counter weight i.e. for AS-VX mount - 20 mm central bore
 Celestron / Mount Acc .. Motors & Drives  
37,82 EUR*

Celestron RS232 cable for all Celestron GoTo telescopes
234,46 EUR*

Celestron GPS Module for all Celestron GoTo mounts & telescopes
47,41 EUR*

R.A. tracking motor for AstroMaster EQ (CG3) mounts
142,02 EUR*

Celestron NexStar+ Hand Control USB, for parallactic mounts and telescopes
163,87 EUR*

Celestron Sky Portal WiFi Module - wireless control of GoTo Mounts
142,02 EUR*

Celestron NexStar+ Hand Control USB, AZ
377,32 EUR*

Celestron StarSense Module - automatic alignment for GoTo mounts
33,72 EUR*

Celestron AUX Port Splitter - extra AUX-Port on your Celestron GoTo mount
49,58 EUR*

Celestron AUX Port Splitter -second AUX Port for CG-5 AS-GT Mount
377,32 EUR*

Celestron StarSense AutoAlign for Skywatcher mounts
147,06 EUR*

Celestron Two-axis Stepper Motor Drive Set for CG-4 Mount
 Celestron / Mount Acc .. Tripods and Piers  
461,35 EUR*

Celestron CPC Heavy Duty Wedge for fork mounted SC Telescopes
335,30 EUR*

Celestron Wedge for NexStar Evolution and SE 6/8
503,37 EUR*

Celestron Heavy Duty Tripod for CPC and NexStar and Wedges
 Celestron / Mount Accessories .. Other  
instead 85,34 EUR
only 78,99 EUR*

Celestron VSP anti-vibration pads for mounts (Set of three)
163,87 EUR*

Celestron 6x20 Polar Axis Finderscope for CGX and CGX-L
16,72 EUR*

Celestron Latitude Screw for AVX Mount
55,38 EUR*

Celestron Polar Finderscope for CG-5, AVX and CGEM
 Celestron / Mounts ... Alt-Azimuth  
705,05 EUR*

Celestron GoTo Mount for telescopes up to 6 kg - autoguiding port
instead 556,03 EUR
only 525,22 EUR*

Celestron GoTo Mount NexStar SE for smaller Telescopes - with Tripod and Wedge
331,94 EUR*

Celestron GoTo fork mount NexStar SLT - max. 3.5 kgs load
108,41 EUR*

Celestron Heavy Duty Alt-Azimuth Tripod for binoculars, spotting scopes or telesco
 Celestron / Mounts ... Equatorial  
instead 361,21 EUR
only 314,66 EUR*

Celestron Omni CG-4 Equatorial Mount with Stainless Steel Tripod
920,17 EUR*

Celestron AVX GoTo Mount for Astronomy and Astrophotography
2.096,66 EUR*

Celestron CGX - equatorial GoTo Mount
1.676,49 EUR*

Celestron CGEM II EQ Goto Mount with tripod
3.357,18 EUR*

Celestron CGX-L - equatorial mount with tripod and GoTo
 Celestron / Mounts ... GoTo  
1.130,27 EUR*

used Celestron NexStar Evolution GoTo Mount with Tripod
 Celestron / Newtonian Telescopes  
instead 602,59 EUR
only 562,19 EUR*

Celestron Omni 150XLT - 150/750mm Newtonian telescope on CG4
171,55 EUR*

Celestron Powerseeker 114/900mm Newtonian telescope
192,44 EUR*

Celestron AstroMaster 114EQ - 114/1000mm Reflector Telescope
206,03 EUR*

Celestron 6" (150mm) f/5 Newtonian Telescope - optical tube
404,31 EUR*

Celestron 150mm f/5 Newton Telescope on EQ3 Mount
226,05 EUR*

Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ - 130/650mm Newtonian Telescope
instead 105,04 EUR
only 79,83 EUR*

Celestron Powerseeker 76 AZ - 76/700mm Newtonian Beginners Telescope
503,37 EUR*

Celestron NexStar 130 SLT GoTo Telescope with 130 mm aperture
273,11 EUR*

Celestron OMNI 150/750mm Newtonian - Optical Tube with Rings
instead 1.331,90 EUR
only 1.259,68 EUR*

Celestron Advanced VX 8" Newtonian (200 mm), focal ratio 1:5
instead 343,97 EUR
only 335,34 EUR*

Celestron 200 mm Newtonian with focal ratio 1:5


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