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TS-Optics GSO 6" f/12 Cassegrain telescope 154/1848 mm OTA

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TS-Optics GSO 6" f/12 Cassegrain telescope 154/1848 mm OTA

TS 6" f/12 Cassegrain telescope with fused Quartz mirror and only 38% obstruction - a good alternative to a Schmidt-Cassegrain

♦ Aperture 6" - 154 mm

♦ Focal length 1848 mm

♦ F-ratio f/12

♦ Large illuminated image field with 40 mm diameter

♦ Hyperbolic secondary mirror and parabolic primary mirror made of Quartz glass for a stable focus position

♦ 96% reflection on primary and secondary mirror for an even brighter image

♦ Quick temperature adaption due to open design

♦ Pure reflective system without Schmidt plate or meniscus lens - fully suitable for Infrared

♦ Only 38% linear obstruction - well suited for visual astronomy

♦ 2" Crayford focuser with micro-gear reduction and 1.25" reduction are included

♦ M90 extension tubes for trouble-free focusing with almost any accessories included

♦ Internal baffles for higher contrast

♦ Finder scope shoe and Vixen EQ5 style dovetail are also included

♦ OTA, thus no mount in the scope of delivery


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Eyepiece-side accessories like Filters:
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TS-Optics Optics 2" Star Diagonal with 99% Reflection - 1/12 lambda

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TS-Optics 1.25" TS-Optics 1.25" Star Diagonal - 99% - 1/12 Lambda

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Baader IR pass filter 1.25" (685 nm)- for planetary photography

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TS-Optics 1.25" Filter Set 3 Color Filters + 1 Gray Filter for Telescopes from 85-130 mm Aperture

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TS-Optics 1.25" UCF Moon Filter, Planetary Filter and Nebula Filter

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TS-Optics 1.25" Grey Filter ND 09 - 13% Transmission - Neutral Density

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TS-Optics 2" Premium UHC Nebula Filter against Stray Light - more Contrast

General Accessories:
167,98 EUR*

Rigel nFocus Motorfokus for GSO and TS-Optics Crayford Focusers

15,92 EUR*

GSO dust cap for 6" Newtonian and 6" RC telescopes made of plastic

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Baader 2459281 - Astro Solar Safety Film - visual ND 5.0 - 200 mm x 290 mm

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Baader AstroSolar Telescope Solar Filter - Aperture: 160 mm, Tube: 180-220 mm

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TS-Optics mounting kit for ZWO EAF motor focus on TS 2" Crayford focusers

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ZWO EAF Motor Focus Fystem with 5 V Power Supply via USB

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ZWO EAF Motor Focus System with 5 V USB Supply + Hand Controller and Sensor

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Wega mounting kit for ZWO EAF motor focus on Monorail N2 focuser, Gen II

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Skywatcher German Equatorial Mount EQ3-2 with field tripod

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Celestron GoTo Mount for telescopes up to 6 kg - autoguiding port

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TS-Optics Altazimuth Mount GSAZ with fine adjustment and tripod

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Skywatcher EQ-5 PRO SynScan - equatorial GoTo Mount with Tripod

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Celestron AVX GoTo Mount for Astronomy and Astrophotography

Cleaning & Collimating:
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TS-Optics Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece for Newtonians & Refractors

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TS-Optics Cleaning kit (five parts) - for almost all optical surfaces

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Takahashi Collimation Telescope TCE0100 for RC, Dall Kirkham, Schmidt Cassegrain

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TS-Optics Deluxe Multi Collimator with integrated optic for all telescopes

Transport & Covers:
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TS-Optics Padded Transport Bag with flexible internal Dividers - Length 800 Millimeteres

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TS-Optics padded Carrying Case for SC RC MAK from 6" to 8" Aperture

25,20 EUR*

TS-Optics Optics 2" extension, length 80 mm

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TS-Optics Optics 2" extension, length 50 mm

Accessories for mounts:
57,98 EUR*

Adapter bar for GP dovetail bars on 3" Losmandy level

Finder & Accessories:
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TS-Optics safe Solar Finder for the finder shoe of your telescope

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TS-Optics 8x50 Finder - straight view, black colour and with adjustable bracket

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TS-Optics 8x50 Finder - with Bracket - black colour - 90° angled

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TS-Optics 6x30 Finder Scope with Bracket - black colour, straight view

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moonscout - moon map for beginners, with descriptions

Barlow, Corrector, Reducer:
83,95 EUR*

TS-Optics Optics TSShorty 2x Apo Barlow, 1.25 inch, 3-element - for observing and astroph

Photo Acessories:
31,01 EUR*

TS-Optics Focal Adapter from 2" to T2-thread, 40 mm optical length

214,20 EUR*

TS-Optics Optics 2" CCD Reducer 0.67x for RC & flatfield telescopes up to f/8

instead 29,33 EUR
only 24,29 EUR*

TS-Optics Focal Adaptor 2 inch to T2

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