Panheads, 3-D Heads, Quick Change Plates, Reducing Threads

Panheads, 3-D Heads, Quick Change Plates, Reducing Threads - everything you need for your photo tripod.
Panheads, 3-D Heads, Quick Change Plates, Reducing Threads - everything you need for your photo tripod.
 -TS Binoculars  
18,40 EUR*

TS-Optics FSTA - tripod adapter for binoculars to phototripods
15,97 EUR*

TS-Optics tripod adapter for binoculars - connection to phototripods
 -TS Phototripods  
41,18 EUR*

TS-Optics Optics Pan Head and 360° Rotary Plate - load capacity 20 kg
instead 42,86 EUR
only 33,61 EUR*

TS-Optics BH-51AT compact Ballhead for Photo Tripods - 8kg load capacity
instead 66,39 EUR
only 41,93 EUR*

TS-Optics BH-58A - stable Ballhead for Photo Tripods - 15kg load capacity
instead 64,71 EUR
only 49,58 EUR*

TS-Optics Saddle Plate for Vixen and Arca Swiss style dovetail bars
66,39 EUR*

TS-Optics 3-Way Pan-Tilt Tripod Head for Photography and Video
instead 125,21 EUR
only 100,00 EUR*

TS-Optics Geared Head and Alt-azimuth Mount for photo tripods

TS-Optics Change Plate - Quick Release for Photo Tripod F103

Triton quick change plate for F mono

Triton quick change plaete for PH 32, PH 26 and FLX 32

TS-Optics Change Plate for Pan-Tilt Head PH36 and for Photo Tripods

Triton Quick Release Plate for PH 22, PH 25 and RP 5
16,72 EUR*

Triton 360° Rotator and Quick Release - 1/4" & 3/8"
instead 12,60 EUR
only 9,24 EUR*

TS-Optics Arca-Swiss quick release plate - 50 mm
instead 15,96 EUR
only 10,92 EUR*

TS-Optics Arca-Swiss quick release plate - 70 mm
25,20 EUR*

TRITON beam for photography and visual observation
 -TS Mounts + Accessories  
instead 142,02 EUR
only 100,00 EUR*

TS-Optics Tilting Head and Altazimuth Mount for photo tripods
121,85 EUR*

TS-Optics ATC Wedge - Mini Equatorial Wedge for Giro, AstroTrac, photo tripods
21,85 EUR*

TS-Optics Dovetail Bar Vixen GP Eq5 level - length 138 mm
instead 83,19 EUR
only 41,18 EUR*

TS-Optics vibration suppression pads for tripods

TS-Optics Optics photo tripod adapter for telescopes with tube rings
50,34 EUR*

TS-Optics Guidemount - ultra-compact Vixen GP level dual mount
49,58 EUR*

TS-Optics Vixen/EQ5 Style Dovetail Clamp for Telescopes and Cameras
 -TS Various Articles  
2,02 EUR*

TS-Optics Photo Thread Adapter 1/4" to to 3/8" and vice versa
 -TS Accessories  
2,93 EUR*

TS-Optics 1/4" Photo Screw and Camera scew with slot
69,66 EUR*

Artesky 1/4" Photo Adapter for EQ5 Style Mount with Quick Coupling
49,58 EUR*

Artesky Arca-Swiss Style Photo Dovetail and Clamp with Photo Tripod Connection
 B.I.G. Photo Equipment  
instead 251,26 EUR
only 213,45 EUR*

B.I.G. Gimbal Tripod head for fast panning - up to 10 kg load capacity
37,77 EUR*

B.I.G DWS-720 3 Way Panhead - load capacity up to 5 kg
6,71 EUR*

B.I.G. Quick-release Plate for DWS-720
100,00 EUR*

B.I.G. Professional Video Pan Head VN-3000 - 2-way & 3-way camera head for photo tripod
41,97 EUR*

B.I.G. QR-60 360° Panorama Quick Release - ARCA-SWISS compatible
9,65 EUR*

B.I.G. flexible accessory tray for tripod legs
5,87 EUR*

B.I.G. Smartphone Tripod Adapter A
instead 242,86 EUR
only 192,44 EUR*

Baader NanoTracker - compact camera tracking mount for astrophotography
222,69 EUR*

Baader Stronghold tangential assembly - up to 7 kg load (blue)
222,69 EUR*

Baader Stronghold tangential assembly - up to 7 kg load (black)
 Berlebach .. Stative  
28,49 EUR*

Berlebach Binoculars Support - Phototripod Adapter for Binoculars to 80mm
268,07 EUR*

Berlebach 2-Way Tilt Head Mod. 510 - up to 6 kg
100,84 EUR*

Berlebach 2D - Panoramic head model 520 Video ... metal design - max. 5 kgs payloa
373,95 EUR*

Berlebach 2-Way Tilt head Mod. 553 - up to 6 kg, incl. Quick-change Plate
415,97 EUR*

Berlebach 3-Way Tilt Head Mod. 653 - bis 6 kg
30,25 EUR*

Berlebach Quick change plate 050/57 UniQ/C compatible
33,61 EUR*

Quick-Change Plate 050/87 UniQ/C compatible
40,34 EUR*

Berlebach Quick-Change Plate 050/117 UniQ/C compatible
48,74 EUR*

Berlebach Quick-Change Plate 050/157 UniQ/C compatible
457,98 EUR*

Berlebach 2-Way Ball Head Albatros, up to 15 kg
71,43 EUR*

Berlebach Levelling Unit - 100 mm diameter, 3/8" photo thread
209,24 EUR*

Berlebach Levelling Adapter 33°, Ball Diameter 100 mm (4")
116,81 EUR*

Berlebach Levelling Plate N 75
125,21 EUR*

Berlebach Levelling Plate N 90
25,21 EUR*

Berlebach Ground-Protecting Devices for astro tripods Planet and UNI
133,61 EUR*

Berlebach MONKEYGRIP 2 for REPORT astro and photo tripods
29,41 EUR*

Berlebach seperate Accessory Tray 20x30 cm for MONKEYGRIP 2
7,56 EUR*

Berlebach steel chain for Report tripods
242,86 EUR*

BORG 3101 single-arm compact fork mount for phototripods
242,86 EUR*

Borg compact fork mount, black, compatible with Arca Swiss
 Farpoint USA  
57,98 EUR*

Farpoint FAR-Sight - bino adapter and finder shoe
67,14 EUR*

Farpoint Far-Sight - Binocular and SkyScout mounting system
instead 790,76 EUR
only 663,87 EUR*

iOptron iPano Allview Pro Camera Mount
instead 54,62 EUR
only 49,58 EUR*

iOptron 3305A SkyTracker Pro Ball Head (Black)
 Lacerta, trademark specialising in telescopes and astro accessories  
instead 100,84 EUR
only 91,60 EUR*

Lacerta Fotoaufsatz Set mit GP Klemme - EQ5 GP Level
170,04 EUR*

Orion USA Paragon-Plus Binocular mount without tripod
265,01 EUR*

Orion Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount and Tripod
42,86 EUR*

Orion Binocular Mount Adapter - Big Binos to Paragon-Plus Mount
158,82 EUR*

Skywatcher AZ5 Alt-Azimuth Mount Head without tripod
instead 24,37 EUR
only 18,49 EUR*

Skywatcher camera thread adaptor (1/4"-20) for AZ-3 azimutal mount
 Swarovski Optik  
84,87 EUR*

Swarovski UTA Universal Tripod Adapter
209,24 EUR*

Tecnosky eLLe Altazimuth Mount
377,31 EUR*

Tecnosky eLLe Duo Altzimuth Fork Mount
 Tele Optik Tecnica  
142,02 EUR*

Giro GR-2 mini alt/az mount - up to 4 kgs load per side
151,18 EUR*

Vanguard GH-300T Ball Head with Pistol Grip
29,33 EUR*

Vanguard QS-60 Quick Release Plate
29,33 EUR*

Vanguard QS-60S Quick Release Plate VEOs
19,24 EUR*

Vanguard QS-65GH Quick Release Plate round for GH-100 ball head
14,20 EUR*

Vanguard QS-36 Quick Release Plate with 1/4" Camera Screw and Pin.
197,48 EUR*

ZEISS Binofix tripod adapter

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