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TS 80/600 mm Refractor for a solid start in observation and astrophotography
The achromatic refractor offers a clear and contrasty image due to the multicoated 2-element objective. With 80 mm aperture, the telescope already shows many details on the moon and on the planets, the rings of Saturn, the play of Jupiter´s moons or the phase shape of Venus can be observed well. The fast 80 mm objective also already shows thousands of objects beyond the solar system, such as star clusters, galactic nebulae or even distant galaxies.

Observation with the TS 80/600 mm refractor
All accessories for a successful observation are already included with the telescope. The telescope is suitable for daytime observation as well as for nighttime observation. Included are:
a red dot finder for convenient finding of objects in the sky, but also on earth.
a 1.25" star diagonal (angled prism) for upright imaging and comfortable viewing.
a 25 mm 1.25" RK eyepiece for overview with 24x magnification
a 10 mm 1.25" RK eyepiece for a stronger 60x magnification for more details

Additional eyepieces for higher magnifications, objective solar filters, damping filters for the moon and color filters can be found in our accessory recommendations. The telescope allows magnification up to about 150x.

Photography with the TS 80/600 mm refractor
The refractor is very suitable for astrophotography because the mount is stable and can be retrofitted with a motor that compensates for Earth rotation (EMDEQ2). The telescope offers many possibilities for photography:
The mount EQ2 is already an equatorial mount and allows the alignment to Polaris. With the optional tracking motor, the telescope automatically tracks the stars. The stars remain point-like.
One of the two tube rings allows the attachment of a camera for parallel photography, so you can take good pictures of larger sky areas or the Milky Way.
The T2 thread on the focuser allows the connection of DSLR or mirrorless system cameras directly to the telescope, so you have a telephoto lens with 600 mm focal length at your disposal.
Via optional adapters you can also connect the smartphone and upload the photos right away.

The EQ2 equatorial mount with field tripod
A stable mount is the basis for every telescope. The EQ2 supports the 1.5 kg refractor with very good stability. It allows an exact alignment to the pole star (north celestial pole), so the objects in the sky can be tracked comfortably over one axis (RA axis). Even a motor can be attached there.

The mount comes with the height-adjustable aluminum field tripod, so the observation height adjusts to the body height, whether you are standing or sitting. A convenient triangular shelf stiffens the tripod and provides a secure surface for eyepieces, the star chart or photographic accessories.

The telescope and the mount can be set up or assembled in a few minutes. All parts are pre-assembled and can be used safely even by children.

Teleskop-Service has collected a lot of helpful information on refractors and made it available as a PDF: refractors.pdf
Type:Achromatic refractor
Aperture:80 mm
Focal length:600 mm
Focal ratio:f/7.5
Focuser:Metal focuser with fixing screw - adjustable
Connection eyepiece side:1.25" receptacle and T2 (M42x0.75) photo thread
Limiting magnitude:12.2 mag visual
Weight of optical tube:1.5 kg
Mount type:Equatorial mount
Tripod:Aluminum field tripod
Altitude screw thread:M8
Refractor with protective caps on both sides
Tube rings (1x with possibility to mount cameras)
1.25" star diagonal
1.25" eyepieces 25 mm and 10 mm
Red dot finder
Equatorial mount EQ2
Aluminum tripod

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