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TS T2 Adapter for Micro 4/3 Mount
With this adapter ring you can adapt cameras with Micro-Four-Thirds mount to T2. With a length of 28 mm, the adapter is suitable for using cameras with a flange focal distance of 27 mm on correctors with a working distance of 55 mm. For cameras with a shorter flange focal distance, usually 19.25 mm, we offer T2 extension tubes, whereby the 8 mm long TST2V8 should usually work well - the additional quarter millimeter (55-19.25-28=7.75) rarely does any harm. The combination ofTST2V5, 2x T2Abstimmring1 and T2Abstimmring03 with a total length of (measured) 7.65 to 7.70 mm fits even more precisely.

This adapter is suitable for the following camera models, among others:
Panasonic Lumix DMC models
Olympus PEN models
Olympus OM-D E M1, M5, M10 model

Important: When attaching camera lenses to cameras with a flange focal distance of 19.25 mm, you must observe their stop for "infinity", so the extension usually must not exceed 7.75 mm.
Connection lens side:T2 thread female
Connection camera side:Micro Four Thirds mount
Optical length of the bayonet adapter:28 mm
1x T2 ring

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Written by Jürgen Lorösch
on 2023-06-22

"Anschluss meiner Olympus Kamera an den 2 Zoll Anschluss eines Teleskops"

Written by Uwe Oeser
on 2021-12-30

"TS-Optics T2 Adapterring für Kameras mit Micro-Four-Thirds Bajonett (Panasonic Olympus) (ID: 3676) Passt und ist für mich sehr Funktionell für den Preis sehr gut."

Written by Ronny Krüger
on 2020-10-27

"passt perfekt"

Written by Bodo Wohlbrecht
on 2020-06-11

"Gute passgenaue Qualität des Produktes. Anbindung an die Lumix DMC GX80 ohne Probleme. "

Written by Mike Vogel
on 2020-05-07

"Macht was es soll. Passung an der Kamera ohne auffälliges Spiel."

Written by Klinger Michel
on 2017-11-01

"Passt aufn mein Lumix GX80"

Written by Ulrich Stibane
on 2017-07-18

"der erstandene TS-Optics Optics T2 Adapterring für meine MFT-Kameras war ja nicht der erste... Mit der Qualität bin ich sehr zufrieden, der Adapterring ist nicht gerade billig aber das ist bei Qualitätsware nun mal so! "

Written by Christian Feist
on 2017-05-20


Written by Korn Christophe
on 2017-01-05

"Good product quality. Perfect service"

Written by Norbert Heinz
on 2016-08-25

"Dafür wo es eben für geschaffen ist, zum Fotografieren über das Teleskop. Zur Zeit Planeten."

Written by Dirk Misselhorn
on 2016-05-02

"Gute Qualität - Artikel wie beschrieben"

Written by Klaus-Dieter Sachon
on 2015-12-15

"Dies stellt die Verbindung zwischen Photoapparat und Fernrohr her."