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Astrophotography made easy

The Skywatcher Star Adventurer makes astro photography easy. It fits to all standard photo tripods. The latitude is being adjusted by the tripod´s tilting head or with the optional polar wedge.

Star Adventurer´s motto: Astro photography as easy as possible but with enogh precision for pinpoint stars.

More information:

The user-friendly Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer provides various combinations to satisfy all you needs for astrophotography and time-lapse photography. It is a high precision, portable and stable celestial tracking platform for sidereal, solar and lunar tracking with automatic DSLR shutter release control. Moreover, it contains pre-programmed parameters assisting you to create interesting time-lapse videos with your DSLR.

The Star Adventurer can attach to any standard tripod via its 1/4" or 3/8" adaptors. The latitude can be set by either adjusting the tilt of your tripod head to match your latitude or more accurately by purchasing the optional Equatorial Wedge.

To fit a camera to the Star Adventurer, either a tripod Ball Head is required (not supplied) or the optional Dovetail L-Bracket. The optional Dovetail L-Bracket, used in conjunction with the optional counterweight shaft/counterweight, also allows small telescopes (e.g. Skymax-90), with a 1/4"-20 tripod fitting, to be used with the Star Adventurer. A small telescope and camera (using a ball head, not supplied) can be mounted simultaneously on the Dovetail L-bracket. Using just the dovetail bar from the optional Dovetail L-Bracket, two cameras can be mounted at the same time using two tripod ball heads (not supplied).

Product features:
Multiple pre-programmed speeds for time lapse photography
Tracking rate selectable between Sidereal, Solar and Lunar
Built in polar scope (illuminator optional)
DSLR interface for automatic electronic shutter control (Camera cable optional)
Built-in auto-guiding interface for single-axis auto guiding
Low power consumption
External Mini USB power support
Compatible with 3/8" and 1/4" camera tripod thread
Free firmware upgrades
Maximum payload at 5 kg

Mount Type:Ultra compact equatorial tracking platform
Motor Drive:DC Servo
Power Supply:4xAA battery
Payload Capacity:5 kg (11 lb, with optional counterweight)
Tracking Modes:Sidereal, Solar or Lunar tracking rate for both Northern & Southern hemisphere. Time-lapse photography (12hr/4hr/2hr rev.)
Auto-guiding interface:built-in, ST4
Weight:1.2 kg
Polar finder:built-in
Mount head
Ball Head Adaptor
English manual

DSLR image of Swan and Lyra with the Star Adventurer
© by Frank Köhler

Click into image for larger picture

DSLR photograph of the Ring Nebula with Zoom lens and the Star Adventurer

October 8, 2018, UTC 21:42
Canon EOS 5D III
Canon EF 70-200 mm f/2.8 L
Skywatcher Star Adventurer mount
Exp. 5 s, 200 mm, f/2.8, ISO 3200
Limiting stellar magnitude 12.5

"Just a short message to tell you that the mount I purchased few months ago at Teleskop-Service is just top. I?m very happy with the performance of this portable device."

... a satified customer

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Written by Wolf-Christian Lillotte
on 2021-06-13

"Aus meiner Sicht ein geniales Gerät für den Einstieg. Perfekte Reisemontierung."

Written by Iris Fienhold
on 2020-05-13

"Ich verwende den Kopf zum Fotografieren. Es ist einfach zu handhaben und bei genauer Poljustierung sehr genau - bin absolut zufrieden. Die Batterien halten erstaunlich lange, nur die Batterie-Abdeckung ist etwas fummelig und hält nicht so gut, aber ich kann damit leben. Die Beschreibung bestimmter Funktionen könnte besser sein (Mond/Sonne)."