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The Teleskop Service Nano Tracker ...
... is the smallest astronomical tracking device for perfect astro photos - worldwide usable.
We recommend the NanoTracker for all SLR cameras and system cameras with wide-angle or light telephoto lenses up to 2 kg.

NanoTracker - simply photograph the starry sky
With TS NanoTracker you can take impressive pictures of the starry sky. All you need is a camera and a photo tripod. The NanoTracker ensures accurate tracking and is always there. The NanoTracker is not only intended for experienced astrophotographers who like to be on the go. It is also ideal for the entry into astrophotography, thanks to its simple operation.

The NanoTracker stops the Earth´s rotation
By the rotation of the earth around its own axis, all celestial objects seem to move from east to west. The NanoTracker compensates for this movement. This way, the stars are not distorted into dashes. The impression remains natural. For an exact alignment on the northern hemisphere, the polar direction finder is at your disposal. Simply align it with the Pole Star and the NanoTracker will be in the right position.

With a compass and your smartphone´s tilt sensor, you can also set up the NanoTracker well, both in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Time lapse and video animation made easy
With the NanoTracker you can also create beautiful time-lapse series shots and movies, for example of landscapes with changing shadows and clouds. Thanks to the NanoTracker, the image section moves imperceptibly but impressively through the landscape. At night such videos impressively show the movement of the stars - especially when they are recorded at half sidereal speed.

Simply place the camera directly on the NanoTracker and align it horizontally. Different speeds up to 50 times the star speed are available.

This is what you need for successful operation:
The NanoTracker consists of the compact motor unit and the manual control box, which also contains the battery compartment. The motor unit is placed between the photo tripod with video pointer/ball head and a second ball head, which are not included. The manual control box contains the controls to set the desired speed.

All you need besides the NanoTracker is a good tripod with a ball or tilt head, whether to align it with the Pole Star, another ball head to align the camera with the target, and of course a camera. The best choice is a digital SLR camera or system camera with a fast wide-angle lens and a programmable remote shutter release.

As a photo tripod you can use any stable tripod. If you want it to be particularly compact, a table tripod for NanoTracker is ideal. Especially if you are using a smartphone, it is a handy alternative.

You will also need three AA batteries for operation, which are not included. At 20 °C a set of batteries lasts up to 5 hours, at low temperatures correspondingly less. The battery compartment is integrated in the hand controller and is easily accessible so that you can change the batteries on frosty nights without having to adjust the tripod.

The video on our YouTube channel shows how easy the Nanotracker is to use: Link to YouTube

Teleskop-Service provides an up-to-date manual: Nano-Tracker_en.pdf
Tracking speeds:1x, 0.5x, lunar, solar and max. 50x star speed
Area of application:worldwide - northern/southern hemisphere switchable
Motor:Stepper motor
Mechanics:Steel-brass worm wheel drive 50 teeth
Bearing:2 ball bearings
Connection tripod side:1/4" female thread
Connection camera side:1/4" male thread
Load capacity:2 kg
Power supply:3x AA batteries (LR6) or Mini USB
Dimensions:Tracker 60x98x44 mm, hand controller 50x105x22 mm (without cable)
Weight:Tracker 350 grams, hand controller 80 grams
Tracking unit
Hand controller
Batteries are not included in the scope of delivery

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Written by Peter Büchner
on 2022-06-25

"ein Gutes Produkt.gerne wieder."

Written by Jiri Mrazek
on 2021-09-04

"Works as advertised. Just a reminder: the tracker has 1/4"" screw while most ball-heads have 3/8"". Such as the head that TS recommends together with the Tracker. You will need a screw adapter to attach the head."

Written by Martin Kruse
on 2021-04-08

"Fungiert wohl"

Written by Alberto Squillante
on 2020-08-26

"all is ok"

Written by Emil Greber
on 2016-07-26

"Die Montierung ist relativ rasch aufgestellt, auch wenn der Polsucher im Dunkeln nicht ganz leicht zu bedienen ist. Bereits beim ersten Test in einer klaren Nacht konnte ich sehr schöne Fotos schiessen!"