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The TS ATC Wedge - stable and versatile wedge for exact polar alignment
The mini equatorial wedge is ideal for a precise alignment of compact travel guiding platforms for astrophotography. We recommend it especially for the AstroTrac, but the wedge can also be used for Baader NanoTracker, Lacerta PhotoRobot and the compact Vixen Polarie.

The TS ATC wedge allows for a more accurate polar alignment than it is possible with a standard 3 way head of a photo tripod.

Working with the TS ATC Wedge is easy:
Screw the wedge on your tripod, the thread is 3/8"
The AstroTrac or another mount is directly fixed to the wedge, also with a 3/8" thread. 1/4" screw is optional and can be found in the accessories recommendations below.
Use the polar finder scope of the guiding mounts
You can horizontal adjust the wedge with the knurled thumb screws at right and at left
With the big red thumb screw, you can fine adjust the lattitude
As soon as you have arrived at the wanted position, it is locked with the big clamping lever.

Built your own little equatorial mount out of a photo tripod with 3 way head:
A very special implementation of the ATC Wedge from TS!

Simply attach the wedge between photo tripod and 3 way head and adjust the lattitude. Then, point the wedge to the north. A compass or Polaris (North Star).

Now you have a little equatorial mount for your spotting scope or little telescope. The advantage is obvious:
locate any celestial object (moon, planets ...)
now you can track the object by moving only one axis of the tripod head. Just unfasten the formerly horizontal axis. This way, celestial observations are fun and you can get a taste of astronomy.

Functional range:0° bis 90°. micro adjustment is usable between 10° and 80° latitude
Connection at base:3/8" photo thread (female)
Connection at top:3/8" photo thread (male)
Dimensions:120 mm x 110 mm
Diameter base:59 mm
Diameter top:59 mm
Maximum load:up to 10 kg
Weight:approx. 600 grams
TS ATC Wedge
Versatile saddle plate
Longer adjustment screw for extreme latitudes

Recommended accessories


Written by Friedrich Schrader
on 2021-07-01

"Ich verwende die Polhöhenwiege auf einem sehr leichten Carbon/Titan-Stativ von Gitzo (Reisestativ). Die Polhöhenwiege lässt sich gut montieren. Darauf montiere ich eine Vixen Polarie. Diese wird mit einer 1/4"" Zollschraube befestigt. Dazu war die Bohrung für eine 3/8"" Schaube zu groß, so dass ich mit eine passende Hülse anfertigen musst. Damit ging es gut. Die Hülse sollte von Teleskop-express mitgeliefert oder zusätzlich angeboten werden. Ansonsten bin ich zufrieden."

Written by Shuhei Nosho
on 2018-05-15

"Compact and compact, it´s easy to carry. This is the best advantage. Structurally, operability at the time of adjustment tends to become difficult in proportion to the mounting ability. Also, since it is sensitive to loosening of screws, caution is also required to maintain accuracy."

Written by Manfred Hermann
on 2018-02-03

"Superstabil und trotzdem leicht, trägt zuverlässig für eine Profi-DSLR und ein leichtes bis mittleres Tele auf einem stabilen Stativ. "

Written by Carla Machado
on 2017-10-19

"Wie erwartet."

Written by Robert Barker
on 2017-08-23

"very quick shipping"

Written by SALOMON Thomas
on 2016-04-21

"L´amélioration de la fluidité via l´insertion de plaques de teflon et un blocage des butées azimutales seraient un plus. Tenue du support de monture via une vis et un cerclips améliorerai encore plus le produit. Excellent rapport qualité prix. Les modifs ci dessus sont aisément bricolables"