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TS 10" f/6,4 ONTC Carbon Tube Newtonian telescope 1/8 Lambda - fully customizable

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TS ONTC Carbon tube Newtonian - aperture 10" f/6,4 - fully customizable
...Orion UK primary mirror made of SUPRAX (Schott) 250/1600mm - 1/8 Lambda p/v wave - research grade
... customized and optimized tube, handmade in Germany for highest stability with an unbeatable weightratio
... included in the price is one of the following focusers You can choose : 3" JMI focuser, 2,5" Moonlite focuser oder 2"
Starlight Feather Touch

ONTC Newton Teleskop
photo: ONTC Newtonian with endrings - possible up to 12"

ONTC Newtonian Telescopes from Teleskop Service are a unique system on the market for all astronomers and observatories who want to have theri own customized telescope system for their very needs. It is up to You to choose the components and the features by telling us Your astronomical goals. We help You with any question You might have and do the rest for You to get Your own ONTC

The advantages of the ONTC telescopes in short:

-- optimized configuration for astrophotographic or visual use by choosing different focusers, focus positions, secondary

-- selected optics by Teleskop Service - Each ONTC newtonian is being tested in our technical department. Also the
functionality of the optical and mechanical components are tested before sending out the ONTC.

-- Carbon tubu made in Carbon/rigid foam sandwich construction for a perfect stability at an unbeatable weight ratio

-- phantastic temperature compensating performance - barely any temperature based focus drift

-- optimized upgradeability and ready for future projects - changing Your personal goals in astronomy is not a problem, as the telescope can be modified with Your needs and wishes

-- Each telescope is being constructed by Teleskop Service and Your input for You only and is being assembled here in our company. A real "made in Germany" invividualized product.

The Basic components of the ONTC newtonian - These parts are included:

Primary and secondary mirror:

Newton Hauptspiegel

For our ONTC telescopes we only use selected mirrors we are really convinced of. That telescope comes with a SUPRAX primary mirror that is produced from Orion UK for Teleskop Service. A test certificate from Orion UK is included. Orion UK stands for the following specifications:

-- 1/8 Lambda p/v wave
-- STREHL better than 0,96
-- reflectivity 97% HILUX coating

Teleskop Service checks each complete assembled ONTC newtonian bevore shipping on the optical banch. So we can see, how good the combination main mirror, secondary mirror and mechanic works together.

Primary mirror holder:

Orion Hauptspiegelfassung
Every ONTC newtonian lays in a high-quality 9-point holder .The holder keeps the mirror save in the right position without any tension problematic and is thus extremely stable and lightweight.

Secondary mirror holder and spider:

TS Fangspiegelhalter und Spinne
Here our goal is as well the best possible stability and rigidity even with heavier secondary mirrors. The spider is only 1mm thick and produces extremely faint and sharp spikes. The secondary mirror is being glued to the holder with the correct offset for Your telescope

The carbon tube:

Carbon Tubus unter Belastung photo: Carbon tube with a weight of 120kgs on it- no flexion

For the ONTC newtonians we use a hard foram, carbon fibre construction with a tube thickness of 7mm. The weight of the tube is below 4kgs with a stability supperior to a metal tube with 10times the weight.

Carbon Tubus Vollmaterialphoto: laminated full material

At the end of the tube and on highly charged areas such as the position of the focuser we added additional strengthening glass fibre material.That increases the punctual rigidity of the tube again.

Three focus positions above the 2" tube of the focuser:

1. astrophotography with the standard coma correctors - 65mm above the 2" tube (STANDARD Version) ... That version is optimized for the standard correctors like the TS coma corrector, the Baader MPCC or the ASA Quattro. For visual use You need to add the 2" extension tube - Art.Nr. TSV235.2. astrophotographic use with the ASA 2" Reducer/corrector - 90mm above the 2" tube ... That position is ideal for the use of the ASA Reducer/corrector ASA2KORRR. The reducer bringts the system down from f/4 to f/2.8.

3. Visual use - 40mm above 2" tube ... We recommend that version for visual use of the telescope. For that telescope line we recommend the 63mm secondary mirror which is enough for visual use

The focus positions are calculated and achieved by changing the primary mirrors position. Of course You can also get other positions if You want. The tree we mentioned are the most common ones.


Customizable parts of the ONTC Newtonian telescopes:

If You order the instrument via our webshop, You can send us a notice in the textfield below the payment methods. There is a textfield "Informations concerning Your order" where You can tell us what You want to have. The alternative is dropping us an email :

1. focusers:

Baader 2" Steeltrack focuser with dual speed ... price reduced by Euro 350,-

Baader Steeltrack Auszug

The low profile Crayford focuser with only 50mm height is one of the shortest on the market and still able to carry 2kg with a very good stability. We recommend that focuser for visual use and for astrophotography with medium sized ccd camera and DSLR cameras. As an option we can modify the Steeltrack to get all acessories screwed together instead of tightened.

... More information concerning the Baader Steeltrack

Starlight 2" Feather Touch with dual speed ... no price change

Starlight Feather Touch Auszug

That focuser made in the USA is one of the best and most stable focusers for Newtonian telescopes in 2" with a very low profile. We recommedn that masterpiece of engeneering for the use with heavier cameras and accessories. Te overal height of the ficuser including the basis is only 45mm which results in perfect illumination of standard camera sensors

More information concerning the Starlight Feather Touch

MOONLITE 2,5" Crayford focuser with 360° rotation ... no change of the price

Moonlite 2,5

This focuser made in the USA is agood compromise when looking for a very good payload and height. The focuser has a height of 75mm inlcuding the base and it carries around 4kgs. Aceessories can be screwed with the focuser by using the M68 threads.

...More information concerning the 2,5" Moonlite focuser

JMI 3" Crayford focuser with 3" and 2" tightening system ... no change of the price


The JMI focuser lets You tighten accessories safely. For example the 3" correctors from ASA can be inserted into the drawtube. The focuser can carry heavy gear up to 5kg without flexions. Its height is 82.5mm above the tubes wall.

More information concerning the 3" JMI crayford focuser

2. Rings or Rail directly connected to the tube - no change of the price:

The scope of delivery also includes Rings with a flat base on both sides. According to Your wish, we can also attach directly to the tube a dovetail plate with Losmandy or Vixen style. If choosing that modification also here the tube gets punctial additional flass fibre layers.

3. tube color - Carbon nature or laminated - included in the price:

Lackierter Carbon Tubus
Instead of a neat carbon gossy film we can also offer a hard constrast white finish.

Technical specifications:

Free aperture : 254mm / 10"
focal length: 1600mm
aperture ratio: 1:6,4
primary mirror: Orion UK research grade - made of Suprax - reflectivity 97% , 1/8 lambda p/v wave with certificate
secondary mirror: 70mm diameter small axis - 97% reflectivity
Can be switched to a larger secondary if needed
tube: Carbon fibre/ foam sandwich construction - fully laminated material with additional punctional mattes
focuser: free to be chosen
holder: primary mirror holder - 9points - fully adjustable
secondary mirror - metal - fully adjustable
focus positions: three positions possible
photographically illuminated field
100% illuminated diameter=28,5mm (at a focus position of 105mm above the tube)
weight: app. 14kg (depends on the focuser)
length around. 1500mm (depends on the focusing position)

We recommend following products:

General Accessories:
1.018,00 EUR*

JMI EV-XTnM 3" Motorized Focuser for Newtonians - fits 2" and 3" accessory

510,00 EUR*

Starlight Feather Touch 2" Focuser - 0,8" Draw Tube Travel - for Newtonians

Accessories for mounts:
455,00 EUR*

TS CNC tube rings for telescopes with 304mm outer diameter

39,00 EUR*

Starway Dovetail rail - Vixen Style - 28cm - Solid Aluminium

79,00 EUR*

TS Losmandy-style dovetail plate - Length 33cm - 13inch

Finder & Accessories:
55,00 EUR*

8x50 Finder - with Bracket - black colour - straight through

79,00 EUR*

TS 8x50 Finder - with Bracket - black colour - 90° angled

66,00 EUR*

TS Red Dot LED Finder - Metal Design - for Vixen Holder

Photo Acessories:
165,00 EUR*

Baader 2" Newtonian Coma Corrector MPCC Mark III - from f/3,5 to f/6

instead 269,00 EUR
only 255,01 EUR*

GPU Designed Aplanatic Newtonian Coma Corrector 4-element

899,00 EUR*

TS Optics 2.5" Wynne Newton coma corrector 0.95x for big sensors

1.450,00 EUR*

ASA 3" Reducer Corrector 073 x for Newtonian

573,00 EUR*

TeleVue VIP-2010 - Paracorr Coma Corrector - for f/6 to f/3 Newtonian Telescopes

1.270,00 EUR*

TeleVue VIP-3010 BIG Paracorr Type-2 - 3" Newtonian Coma Corrector

245,00 EUR*

Geoptik 30B306 - Flatfield adapter, D=372 mm, for flat field imaging

Alternatives to this product - Suggestions from TS:
143,00 EUR*

TS Carbon Double-Spider for 295-310mm inside tube diameter


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