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Newtonian Coma Corrector and 0.73x Focal Reducer for your Newtonian telescope
This corrector increases the speed of your Newtonian telescope and corrects the Newtonian coma. The exposure times can be halved. The corrector was designed by H. Ackermann (USA).

The corrector is usable for the following Newtonian telescopes:
Basically, the corrector/reducer can be used with all Newtonians from f/3.5 to f/8. It has an M48 thread at the camera side. A further adaption is not problematically and can be planned to one millimetre.

The adapter shifts back the focal plane by 15-16 millimetres. This value results from the reduction factor of the reducer. You need approximately 85 mm from the 2" receptacle of the focuser to the focus to make the reducer operational. UNC and ONTC Newtonian telescopes from Teleskop-Service can be prepared for the use of this special corrector.

Because of the increased speed, you have to pay attention on accurate clamping. Even minimal tilting results directly into unsharp stars at the edge.

Usable image field of the TS-Optics corrector-reducer:
The design of the corrector allows for a usable field of 22 mm diameter with 100% illumination. With a little trick at focusing, this field can be extended to approx. 30 mm: Do not use a star in the middle of the field, but use a medium bright one in the outer third of the field.

Practical tip from Teleskop-Service - how do I get 55 mm working distance?
The working distance of the corrector is 67 mm (+/- 0.5 mm) from the M48 connection thread. The adaptation is always from the corrector to the camera:
distance 55 mm with T2 connection: M48AbstimmA1 tuning ring , TSVF205 , TSM48-T2L
distance 55 mm with M48 connection: Tuning ring M48AbstimmA1 , TSVF210 , M48AbstimmA1

Barrel size:2"
Connection thread at the camera side:2" filter thread (M48x0.75)
Working distance from the camera thread:67 mm to the sensor (+/- 0.5 mm)
Reduction:Focal length reduced to 0.73x
Filter thread:2" filter thread at the telescope side
Coating:Fully multi-coated
Corrected field:22 mm diameter - usable up to 30 mm diameter
Length:56 mm
TS Reducer Corrector
Dust caps

How do you have to measure the working distance?

Answer from Teleskop-Service:
The working distance is measured from the beginning of the connection thread on the housing of the corrector (see example picture):

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Written by MOREAU Jean-Luc
on 2022-07-16

"Magnifique !"

Written by Martin Asslaber
on 2019-12-11

"Den ONTC F4 Newton mit dem Laser justiert und auf Anhieb perfekte Korrektur bis in die Ecken bei 1.25"" Filtern und ZwoAsi 1600MMpro. Auch keinerlei Probleme mit der Fokusierng bei F2.8 wenn genau gearbeitet wird. Leider vorne kein Gewinde für Verschraubung wie z.B. am TSGPU Korrektor. "