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TS-Optics 12" f/4 ONTC Carbon Tube Newtonian telescope - fully customizable

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TS-Optics 12" f/4 ONTC Carbon Tube Newtonian telescope - fully customizable

TS 12" f/4 Newtonian telescope, customized according to your needs - "Made in Germany" for highest quality and maximal flexibility.

♦ Choose a suitable focuser and the base from our options list (see below)

♦ Aperture 303 mm (12") / focal length 1200 mm / aperture ratio 1:4

♦ Custom-built carbon tube with high stiffness and low weight - wall thickness 7 mm

♦ Free choice of the focuser, matching the intended application, out of our offered product range

♦ Optimized secondary mirror size for maximum illumination together with as little obstruction as possible

♦ Excellent thermal properties - almost no re-focusing necessary

♦ Optics selected by Teleskop Service - every ONTC Newtonian is checked on our optical bench before shipping

♦ Best support of primary and secondary mirror through cells made in Germany - manufactured to our specifications

♦ Optimally upgradable and future proof - the ONTC Newtonian can be adapted to your needs anytime.

♦ Made in Germany


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