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TS FMA360 Manual Telephoto Lens for Astrophotography
Teleskop-Service offers the FMA360, a purely manual telephoto lens for astrophotography. The mechanics are reduced to the essentials. The result is an inexpensive telephoto lens with top optics with a fabulous price-performance ratio. The apochromatic lens has telescope quality.

The focusing on the FMA360:
Instead of an elaborate focuser or helical focusing like conventional camera lenses, the FMA360 achieves focus by a sliding rear tube and simply twisting the lens mount. This is extremely accurate. Once the desired focus is achieved, the position is simply fixed with the lock ring. There is no wobbling and no shifting.

The connection of the camera to the FMA360:
The 2-element corrector is screwed to the end of the tube. Starting from the M48x0.75, the working distance is exactly 55 mm to the sensor position - ideal for mirrorless system cameras, DSLR or astro cameras.

Attaching to the telescope or photo tripod:
The FMA360 fits into any standard finder shoe, e.g. TS-Optics, Vixen, Skywatcher, GSO ... due to the universal dovetail. The CNC rings are adjustable to set up the telephoto lens exactly parallel to the telescope. The dovetail also has a 1/4" photo tripod thread at the base. This really allows you to attach the telephoto lens to almost any mount or telescope.

Product video
Teleskop-Service has created a helpful product video for the TSMPT60 (equivalent to the TSFMA360 without corrector):

Technical Information
Teleskop-Service has collected a lot of helpful information about refractors and provided it in English as a PDF file: refractors.pdf
Focal length:360 mm
Aperture:60 mm
Focal ratio:f/6
Lens:2-element ED lens with Super Apo element (glass "Made in Japan")
Corrector:2-element 1.0x corrector
Threaded connection corrector/telescope:M54x0.75 female thread on telescope
Camera connection:M48x0.75 external thread
Working distance:55 mm
Coarse focusing:Via rear push/pull tube, 66 mm travel
Transport protection for rear tube:Black knurled ring, red thread (5th image, left and right of scale)
Fine focusing:By twisting the lens cell with locking device
Transport length:305 mm
Dew shield diameter:80 mm
Tube diameter:76 mm
Weight:1.22 kg incl. tube rings and rail
FMA360 telephoto lens
Dust caps
2-element corrector
Adjustable tube rings
Dovetail bar with photo tripod connection

Photos taken with the TSMPT60
Together with the TSMPT60-Flat, the TSMPT60 has roughly the same properties as the TSFMA360, so the following images show the capabilities of this telescope:

M45/Pleiades - by Torsten M.

Telescope: TSMPT60 Refractor with TSMPT60-Flat
Camera: ZWO ASI2400MC PRO camera
Mount: Skywatcher EQ-8
Guiding: TSLKIT (Player One - Ceres M, CS lens with 30 mm aperture and 100 mm focal length)
Filter drawer: ZWO-FD-M54
Filter: Optolong L-Pro 2" filter
Exposure time: 30 x 300 sec (2.5 h)

M31, Andromeda Galaxy - by Torsten M.

Telescope: TSMPT60 refractor with TSMPT60-Flat
Camera: ZWO ASI2400MC PRO
Mount: Skywatcher EQ-8
Guiding: TSLKIT (Player One - Ceres M, CS lens with 30 mm aperture and 100 mm focal length)
Filter drawer: ZWO-FD-M54
Filters: Optolong L-Pro & L-Enhance 2"
Exposure time: 30 x 300 sec (2.5 h) RGB, 20 x 300 sec Ha

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