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Binoviewer from TS Optics for telescopes for comfortable oberving with both eyes
Lead-managed by TS Optics, this high-quality binoviewer was developed especially for astronomical telescopes. The TS binoviewer is not a converted microscopic accessory, but a quality construction designed for practical use with telescopes.

The advantages of binocular vision:
Simply close one eye and compare the image. You will notice less details and tire faster. For this reason, landscape viewing usually is more relaxed with binoculars than with a spotting scope. Astronomical viewing with the TS binoviewer also has advantages:
Viewing is tireless and more relaxed.
Fine details, especially at moon and planets, are better perceived than with only one eye. This happens by superimposing the image information from both eyes in the brain.
Seeing is better compensated, also an achievment of the brain.
There is an impression of higher magnification and a more contrasty image.
Nebulae, clusters and galaxies can also be observed well. Despite the light is distributed to two outlets, it looks only minimal dimmer, but the more vivid. A globular cluster or a bright nebula appears more structured and even offers a slight three-simensional effect.

The features of the TS binoviewer:
Viewer is not the same as viewer, as many amateur astronomers had to realize. With the TS binoviewer, there are no compromises.
Eyepieces are clamped exactly on the optical axis b a compression ring. The brass ring encloses the eyepiece and centers it at the same time. Therefore tilting becomes impossible, double images are avoided.
Similar to good binoculars, diopter differences are compensated by a micro focuser. You can put both eyepieces into the receptacles as far as they will go. Simpler binoviewers do not offer this, you have to pull out one eyepiece a bit. That is not very precise.
With only 100 mm, the TS binoviewer has a short optical length. With a suitable glass path corrector, it can be completely compensated, making also possible the use with Newtonian telescopes. The corrector is simply screwed into the filter thread of the binoviewer´s telescope side 1.25" barrel.
The prisms of the binoviewer are over-dimensioned and, of course, multi-coated. If you look into the viewer without eyepieces, you will see a circular opening without lateral shading. Annoying reflexes or multiple imagages are reliably avoided. You can concentrate exclusively on the object.
The binoviewer is delivered with a solid matal case, all connections are covered by protective caps. Thus, the binoviewer will look like new even after many years.

Easy to use with almost all telescopes:
Generally, the TS binoviewer can be used with any telescope with 1.25" or 2" focuser.
All telescopes with internal focusing (Schmidt-Cassegrain, Maksutov, etc.) allows for direct adaption of the binoviewer. The adjustment range is big enough.
Refractor telescopes with 2" focusers also have a generous working distance from focuser to image plane. If you use a 1.25" diagonal, usually the TSGWK16 - 1,6x glass path corrector will be sufficient. Also Newtonian telescopes designed for astrophotography offer a suitable distance. The TSGWK16 will suffice.
Newtonian telescopes with shorter distance or refractor telescopes with 2" star diagonal - wherever there is not too much space for focusing - need the stronger glass path corrector TSGWK26.

Connection telescope side:1.25" barrel with filter thread
Connection eyepiece side:1.25" receptacle with compression ring
Diopter compensation:yes, via micro focuser
Optical length:100mm
Clear aperture:23 mm without clipping by the prisms
Clear aperture eyepiece side:18 mm
Coating:fully multi-coated
Weight:only 525 grams
Interpupillary distance:adjustable from 54 though 74 mm
Binviewer with compression ring
Dust caps for eyepice receptacles and telescope connection
Solid Aluminium Case

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Written by Andrew Horne
on 2022-03-15

"TS binoviewer is excellent - well collimated, nice quality feel and good quality materials, clear viewing, good apeture, great quality product for the price. Eyepiece holders can be stiff but centre eyepieces well."

Written by Gabriel Höll
on 2021-03-19

"Der Binoansatz ist ordentlich verarbeitet. Leider konnte ich ihn optisch nicht an meinem 150/750 Newton testen, da der Fokussierweg (trotz Glaswegausgleich) nicht ausgereicht hat"

Written by Wolfgang Zenner
on 2020-11-03

"funktioniert wie es soll"

Written by Michel Llibre
on 2018-03-14


Written by ED-ROM, Vilela)
on 2017-12-19

"Works perfectly with my Celestron C9.25. Does not achieve focus with my 120 mm refractor with a 2"" diagonal, as referred on the product description. Júpiter views are improved with two eyes. Even M42 is more pleasing to look at."

Written by Marco Döpfner
on 2017-04-28

"Ich verwende das Binokular mit 2 TS-Optics Zooms zur Sonnenbeobachtung. Solide verarbeitet, stabil in einem Koffer untergebracht (hier gibt es noch eine vorgestanzte Aufnahme für den Glaswegausgleich). Ich konnte ein Bino am diesjährigen Astronomietag testen, wobei mir mitgeteilt wurde, dass nicht jeder mit einem Bino zurechtkommt. Wenn es funktioniert (vor dem Kauf am besten erst einmal in einem Selbsttest versuchen), ist es ein ganz entspanntes ""Spechteln"". "

Written by Jürgen Knabe
on 2016-11-29

"Sauber verarbeitet, keine Reflexe, sehr gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis, "

Written by marcel bukovy
on 2016-09-01

"every thigs is OK"