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TS Optics 2,5" PHOTOLINE Corrector for APO refractors - large camera sensors suitable up to large format.
With the TSFLAT2, Teleskop Service has created one of the best and most universal correctors for astrophotography with APO refractors. The big TSFLAT2,5 offers the same correction, but with considerably wider illumination.

The image at left shows the performance of the 2.5" corrector with a 107/700 mm apo in combination with a full frame camera. The stars are perfectly round and sharp to the edges.

The advantages of the TSFLAT2,5 in overview:
The corrector is screwed to the focuser.
Generous working distance, suitable to all cameras.
Illumination and full correction up to large format.
Usable with all apos with focusers from 2.5".

Adaption to the refractor:
The TSFLAT2,5 is attached to the refractor via the male M68x1 thread. Many refractors offer this thread, like:
APM apos with 3" and 3.7" rack and pinion focusers
Apos and EDs from Long Perng
Larger apos from William from 102 mm aperture
CFF apos

We offer adaptions for other apos and focusers, like adaptors to M63x1, Starlight 3" and 3.5" Feather Touch or M74 thread (Skywatcher ESPRIT).

Which refractors can be combined with the TSFLAT2,5:
In general, all refractors with focusers from 2.5" can be used. However, the TSFLAT2,5 needs a backfocus of at least 145 mm from the M68 connection. That is the distance of the connecting thread of the focuser to the focus. Almost all refractors offer this backfocus.

Connecting a camera to the TSFLAT2,5:
For best results, a correct distance to the camera sensor is necessary. This distance is measured from the female M69 thread of the corrector. The thread itself does not count.
Focal length up to 500 mm ... 106 mm
Focal length 510-600 mm ... 101 mm
Focal length 610-700 mm ... 96 mm
Focal length 710-800 mm ... 91 mm
Focal length 810-950 mm ... 88 mm
Focal length from 1000 mm ... 87 mm

If using filters, add 1 mm distance for compensating the glass path of the filter.

We offer different connection adapters for the TSFLAT2,5:
TSVM6910 ... M69 extension with 10 mm length
TSVM6930 ... M69 extension with 30 mm length
M69-M48 .. Adaption to M48 with 36.5 mm length
M69a-M68a ... Adaption to M68 with 5.3 mm length

With these connection adapters, you can adapt your camera according to your needs.

With the adapter set TSFLAT25A, we can accomplish the complete adaption for you: You get an optimized adapter package at a fixed price from us. From you, we only need the following specifications:
Which connecting thread do you have at the telescope side?
What is the distance from the connecting thread to the camera sensor? Off-axis guider, filter wheel ... is included.
Which refractor do you use?

Type:Flattener and field corrector for refractors
Coating:Multi-coated on every air-to-glass surface
Telescope side connection:M68x1 ZEISS level thread, male - length 5 mm / M63x1 female thread
Camera side connection:M69x1 thread, female
Working distance from the female M69 thread:87 mm to 106 mm - depending on focal length
Length of the corrector:46 mm
Outer diameter of the housing:74 mm (approx. 2.9")
Weight:300 g
TS 2.5" Full Frame Corrector
Protective case Drehpack 8080

Astrophotographic results with the TSFLAT2,5

PLEIADES with APO 107/700 mm - Field correction by the TSFLAT2,5:
Imaging camera: Canon EOS Full-frame camera
Guiding: Off-axis guiding

PLEIADES with APO 107/700 mm - detail - border area:

How do you have to measure the working distance?

Answer from Teleskop-Service:
The working distance is measured from the beginning of the connection thread on the housing of the corrector (see example picture):

Recommended accessories


General Accessories

Photo Acessories


TS-Optics Off-Axis Guider TSOAG9 - Length only 9 mm

TS-Optics Off-Axis Guider TSOAG9 - Length only 9 mm

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Written by Peter Altschul
on 2023-03-02

"wird mit dem APO 150 f/8 gebraucht. Test noch nicht erfolgt infolge fehlendem CS"

Written by mike benjamin
on 2021-11-15

"Great product, flat image corner to corner with my 36x24mm chip with my WI FLT 156 refractor."

Written by Reinhard Kuske
on 2019-12-04

"Der Flattner macht was er soll. Sehr gutes Produkt"

Written by Nikolaus Hanjohr-Popa
on 2017-08-23

"Grandioser Korrerktor/Flattener! Einmal korrekt eingestellt und die Sterne sind bis zum Rand rund. "

Written by Andres Sanchez
on 2017-08-12

"Muy buena calidad óptica. Muy bien construido"