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TS Gigant Off-Axis Guider for maximum flexibility
The TS Gigant off-axis guider was originally developed by Teleskop-Service especially for the large 3" ASA Newtonian correctors. The off-axis guider is screwed directly to the corrector. Thus we achieve an extremely short height of only 10 mm. Nevertheless, the guider can easily handle very heavy cameras with filter wheels weighing up to 10 kg.

Individual adapter solutions allow you to connect the off-axis guider to other telescopes as well. For this purpose, the guider offers you three M3 threads (continuous) and also 3 M3 holes for cylinder head screws at an angle of 120° each. Thus every adaptation succeeds. Via the adapter # TSG-OAGAdap you can make your individual camera or telescope adaptation.

The off-axis guider offers, in addition to a stable design, maximum flexibility. You can adjust the T2 port on the prism tower to be able to focus the autoguider. In addition, you can move the entire prism tower. This allows you to bring the prism into the optimal position for good illumination of the guiding camera without shading the imaging sensor.

Video about autoguiding
Teleskop-Service has created a video on the topic of autoguiding:

Clear aperture:50 mm
Thickness:10 mm
Material:Black anodized aluminum
Distance T2 thread to prism:28 mm to 49 mm variable
Distance holes and thread from the center:34.25 mm
Off-axis guider
Connection adapters are optional

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Written by Edward Popovitch
on 2022-07-20