<br />Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 17.04.2023 (25 days)

Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 17.04.2023 (25 days)

Boren-Simon 10" f/2.8 PowerNewton Astrograph - Carbon Tube

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Boren-Simon 10" f/2.8 PowerNewton Astrograph - Carbon Tube

Stunning astrophotos and extreme depth at a moderate time effort - this is what the PowerNewtonians from Teleskop Service stand for.

♦ Short exposure times at f/2.8

♦ Moderate exposure times when using narrowband filters

♦ Very good field correction thanks to the TS2KORRR corrector/reducer

♦ High mechanical stability due to the carbon tube

♦ Total length of only 950 mm, weight of 11.5 kg - can still be carried by portable mounts

♦ Back Focus 67 mm starting from the M48-thread of the reducer-corrector - we can offer the right adapters for your image train

♦ Fully illuminated and corrected field for APS-C format sensors

♦ Improved UNCN2 V-Power focuser - also suitable for heavy cameras and can be retrofitted with motor focus

♦ Ready for DSLR cameras up to APS-C sized sensors and CCD/CMOS cameras with sensors up to 30 mm diagonal

♦ Made in Germany


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