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 Baader / Finder Scopes  
247,90 EUR*

BAADER 60mm VARIO Finder / Spotting and guiding scope
289,92 EUR*

Baader 10x60 VARIO Finder with Quick Release IV Finderholder
32,77 EUR*

Baader SkySurfer III - LED Red Dot Finder and Solar Finder
10,50 EUR*

Baader DSLR Hot Shoe Adapter for SkySurfer III
103,36 EUR*

Baader SkySurfer V - Premium Red Dot Finder AND Solar Finder
20,92 EUR*

Baader Protective Cap for Skysurfer V
15,97 EUR*

Baader Front Jump Cover for SkySurfer V
2,94 EUR*

Battery for LED Red Dot Finders
4,62 EUR*

4 pieces Battery SR-41 for Baader Colimating Laser and Microguide
7,14 EUR*

10 pieces Battery SR-41 for Baader Colimating Laser and Microguide
5,88 EUR*

6 pcs. battery LR44 (1.4 V)
26,89 EUR*

Baader Universal Finder Base for almost all telescopes
76,47 EUR*

Quick Release 3 - Finder Bracket for 50mm Finders - D=62mm
78,99 EUR*

Baader Quick Release 4 - Finder Bracket for 60mm Finders - D=72mm

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