ED Refractor Telescopes from 50mm to 150mm Aperture

Quality discount ED telescopes with 2-element objectives.
The Extra Low Dispersion ED Lens, which is a part of the 2-element Objectives of the ED refractor reduces the color aberation against an achromatic refractor. ED Refractors are faster and very good for Astrophotography but also for visual applications.

ED Refractors from TS Optics, our own brand, have a better mechanic, very good optic and an attractive discount price. These telescopes are our suggestion.

Here you also find telescopes from well known brands like Skywatcher or Vixen. Each ED will testet from Teleskop Service bevore shipping.
 -TS Telescopes  
instead 335,29 EUR
only 259,66 EUR*

TS-Optics 70 mm F6 ED Travel Refractor with modern 2" RAP Focuser
instead 500,00 EUR
only 415,97 EUR*

TS-Optics ED APO 80 mm f/7 Refractor with 2.5" R&P focuser
instead 545,38 EUR
only 503,36 EUR*

TS-Optics ED 102 mm f/7 Refractor Telescope with 2.5" R&P focuser
545,38 EUR*

TS-Optics 102 mm f/11 ED Refractor with 2.5" RAP Focuser
instead 935,29 EUR
only 755,46 EUR*

TS-Optics ED 110mm f/7 ED Refractor Telescope with 3" Crayford Focuser
instead 2.936,97 EUR
only 2.428,57 EUR*

APM Doublet ED Apo 152 mm f/7.9 with 2.5" RAP Focuser - OTA
instead 3.105,04 EUR
only 2.680,67 EUR*

APM Doublet ED Apo 152 mm f/7.9 with 3.7" RAP Focuser - OTA
503,36 EUR*

Artesky Doublet ED 72/432 mm f/6 Refractor OTA
755,46 EUR*

Artesky Doublet ED 90/500 mm f/5.5 Refractor OTA
 Long Perng CO LTD  
instead 2.234,45 EUR
only 1.676,47 EUR*

TS-Optics Optics 120 mm f/7.5 FPL53 Apo Refractor with 3" Focuser
299,16 EUR*

Skywatcher Teleskop Evostar 72mm f/6 ED Apochromatic refractor
instead 545,38 EUR
only 503,36 EUR*

Skywatcher EVOSTAR ED80 - ED Apochromat 80/600mm with 2" Crayford
831,09 EUR*

EVOSTAR 100 ED - 100/900mm ED APO with Case & Acessories
1.298,32 EUR*

EVOSTAR 120 ED - 120/900mm ED APO with Acessories
1.679,83 EUR*

Skywatcher # 10198 Evostar 150 ED OTA - 150/1200mm f/8 APO Refractor
175,63 EUR*

Skywatcher Evoguide 50ED - 50 mm ED Guide and Finder Scope
671,43 EUR*

Vixen APO 80/600mm - ED 2-Lens Apochromat, multi-coated
923,53 EUR*

Vixen APO 81/625mm - ED 2-lens Apochromat, multi-coated
2.436,13 EUR*

Vixen APO 115/890mm - ED 2-lens Apochromat, multi-coated
instead 2.436,13 EUR
only 2.241,18 EUR*

Vixen APO 115/890mm - 2-lens SD Apochromat, multi-coated
instead 1.763,87 EUR
only 1.629,41 EUR*

Vixen APO 103/795mm - 2-lens SD Apochromat, multi-coated
instead 923,53 EUR
only 849,58 EUR*

Vixen APO 81/625 mm - 2-lens SD Apochromat, multi-coated

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