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TS 50 mm f/4 ED Mini Telescope
This small telescope delights every aesthete with its imaging. Even at the highest magnifications, an absolutely perfect star is imaged. Landscape and nature observation are also possible. The contrast and sharpness will inspire you. Also the mechanics of this compact refractor is uncompromising and allows perfect working, no matter if an eyepiece is used for observing or a camera for guiding.

A powerful yet compact guiding scope
Simply plug the autoguiding camera into the 1.25" receptacle or screw the camera onto the T2 thread and focus. You will have no problem with focus. The generous 33 mm adjustment range of the Crayford focuser makes it possible. And even heavy tracking cameras are well supported by the focuser, with no tilt or flexing. Clean pinpoint stars are the reward. Due to the very good star definition, optics up to about 10" aperture can be tracked well.

Important: Since the telescope has rigid tube rings, the autoguiding camera should have a larger sensor chip to achieve a large enough field of view to contain a suitable guide star. Alternatively, you can replace the tube rings with guiding scope rings - and also use the telescope as a finder together with a crosshair eyepiece.

Further possible uses thanks to more back focus
A 70 mm long segment can be removed from the tube, creating sufficient back focus for a star diagonal mirror or an Amici prism and opens up further application possibilities.

A great spotting scope for landscape and wildlife observation
Use the compact refractor as a spotting scope on vacation. If you work straight-sighted, the image is upside down. But with a star diagonal or - better - Amici prism, the image straightens up. You can use any 1.25" eyepieces and magnifications up to about 100x are no problem for the very good optics. Observe mountaineers in the steep face or watch the exciting feathering of rare birds. Thanks to the multi-function plate with the 3/8" photo tripod thread, the connection to any common photo tripod is possible.

A small but surprisingly powerful astronomical telescope
You will be surprised what a really good optic with 50 mm diameter can show. Craters and the maria on the moon are just as visible as the spectacular rings of Saturn or the beautiful play of the Galilean moons of Jupiter. But also beyond the solar system many objects like double stars, planetary nebulae or star clusters can be seen. For example, the small refractor becomes a great wide-field telescope with the wide-field eyepiece NED25, which allows you to observe a field of fabulous 7.5° in the sky. With nebula filters, even faint nebulae, such as the well-known North America Nebula, come within your reach. Thanks to the flexible dovetail bar, the refractor can be attached to a photo tripod, a small mount or even a photo tracker.

Technical Information
Teleskop-Service has collected a lot of helpful information about refractors and provided it in English as a PDF file: refractors.pdf
Aperture:50 mm
Focal length:200 mm
Objective:2-element ED objective (1x ED glass) with blackened edges
Focus position:27 mm above the 1.25" receptacle at inner focuser position - also suitable for wide angle eyepieces
Focuser:shifting-free Crayford focuser - ball bearing mounted
Focuser travel:33 mm
Tube segment:length 70 mm - can be unscrewed
Connection eyepiece side:1.25" and T2 (M42x0.75) external thread
Dovetail bar:Fits in finder shoes and provided with female 3/8" photo tripod thread
Weight:670 grams
Diameter dew shield:59.5 mm
Female thread in dew shield:M55x0.75
TS 50 mm ED refractor
CNC tube rings
Multifunction dovetail bar
Allen wrench

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Written by Olaf Linzner
on 2023-09-12

"Leider hatte ich die Idee den Sucher als Kleinteleskop zu nutzen. Aber mit einem Prisma oder Spiegel sinkt die Qualität massiv."

Written by Subagio Kusrini
on 2023-08-18

"Ich verwende das TS-Optics 50 mm f/4 ED Reiserefraktor (TSSU50f4) in Verbindung mit: - Daystar Instruments COMBO QUARK Chromosphären Filter (DSZCC) + - Skywatcher SolarQuest (20320) für mobiles Erfassen der Sonne. - TS-Optics 1,25"" UV und IR Sperrfilter (IR1-E) - 0,5x-Reducer mit 1,25 Zoll Filtergewinde (TSRED051) Kaum zu glauben, dass ich endlich ein mobiles Gerät für den Urlaub habe um die Sonne zu erfassen. ich kann das Produkt TS-Optics 50 mm f/4 ED Reiserefraktor (TSSU50f4) weiter empfehlen."

Written by Matt Paige
on 2023-07-19

Ive been using this as a guide scope with a ZWO 290mm mini for a couple of months now. Guiding an HAE43 with a SVX102T refractor. This is the sharpest guide scope Ive used and the focuser is so much easier to deal with than the typical helical focuser on most guide scopes. Its small, lightweight, and easily mounted. Great scope!

Written by Ralf Lange
on 2023-05-16

"Sehr schönes leitrohr, leider hat der OAZ keine Feststellschraube. Man kann aber eine der Druckplattenschrauben am OAZ entfernen und stattdessen eine Rändelschraube eindrehen. So lässt sich der OAZ feststellen."

on 2023-04-15

I was looking for and small telescope focused only to make only wide astrophotos moon compositions with an CMOS high resolution, and it surprised me a lot the result. Highly recommended if you´re looking for a compromise quality taking into consideration the limiations, but without expending a lot of money for small projects, like my case.

Written by Matt Paige
on 2023-02-15

This is a perfect guide scope. Easy to mount, easy to setup, and easy to focus! I usually find focusing in PHD2 to be a pain, but this refractor snapped right into focus with my ASI290mm mini. Highly recommend!

Written by Marnix Verschraegen
on 2023-02-10

"ser gut"