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TS Newtonian 150/1400mm on Mount EQ3-1 Beginner Telescope with much accessories

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TS Megastar 1550 – large aperture for an absolutely TOP price ... for stargazers from 10 years on

This telescope opens the gateway to successful observation of nebulae and galaxies.

TS Megastar 1550
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Where you see only faint blobs in other beginner’s telescopes, the Megastar 1550 shows already some detail and the observer gets an idea about the true nature of a particular deep sky object.

More light makes discerning details easier:
This powerful scope is a solid base for the successful observation of objects beyond the solar system. 150mm aperture collects more than twice the light of telescopes with 100mm aperture. Hence you can see twice as much light.

The strength of the Megastar 1550 lies beyond the solar system:
The Megastar 1550 is designed for a successful observation of faint celestial objects. Along with this, the scope is very compact. This compactness is achieved by an additional lens in the optical path.
The advantage is the compact layout, which helps also for the mechanical stability. For the moon or planets this lens adds some aberrations and reduces the use of the telescope slightly in contrast with a layout without this additional lens. Hence the Megastar is an instrument for stargazers who want a powerful instrument for nebulae, clusters and galaxies without having to spend about twice the price for a conventional Newtonian of the same aperture.

 The Lunar Surface
Planet Saturn
M 42
Great Orion Nebula
H + Chi Per
The Double Cluster in Perseus

Observing with the Megastar 1550

Albeit the Megastar 1550 is more suitable for nebulae, star clusters and galaxies, it shows also some detail in our solar system. The performance can be compared with the popular 114mm Newtonian of 900mm focal length.

The pictures to the left visualize approximately what you can expect. However, the colours are only visible in photographs, as the human eye is too insensitive to see colours of that saturation at night.

The moon:
Due to the large aperture of 150mm, the brightness of the lunar surface is impressive. You may prefer to use a lunar filter to dampen it down a bit. You can see how the lunar surface is full of craters, mountains and cracks.

The planets:
The ring of Saturn, atmospheric structures on Jupiter, the phases of Venus and much more are visible.

Star clusters of our Milky Way:
Hundreds of stars glitter in the field of view – the large aperture helps resolving even dim clusters into single stars.

Nebulae and galaxies:
Here aperture is the most important factor. Look inside of the Great Orion Nebula and see first structures.

Can I see colours ?
Normally colours are just visible by photography, but due to the large aperture you may get a first idea about how colourful the space is. Look at Albireo in Cygnus to resolve this double star at medium power range. The brighter component shines in a warmly-yellow colour in contrast to the cold blue of the fainter component.

The Megastar 1550 is already prepared for the first steps in astrophotography. With the camera specific T2 ring or the Digiclamp 1 (see recommended accessiories) you can connect your camera to the scope. The moon and planets may be imaged that way.

TS-EQ mount

EQ3-1 ... a solid mount is the base:

The parallactic mount EQ3-1 is a useful base for the telescope. The mount holds the scope with a good stability.

The mount offers advanced features as:

-- polar height fine adjustment - assures a higher accuracy
-- fast connection to the triped: Separated for transport within seconds.
-- well dimensioned field tripod
-- manual slow motion via flexible knobs
-- possibility to upgrade to motor drive
(see “recommended accessories”)

Megastar 1550 optics Specifications:

The Optics Reflector of 150mm aperture, focal length 1400mm, built-in corrector lens
Resolution about 0.85"
Limiting Magnitude 13.6 mag
Focuser 1.25" Focuser
Mount German style equatorial mount EQ3-1 with manual slow motion in both axes
Tripod Height adjustable to 120cm, aluminium
Weight Tube with finder ... 4kg
Mount with tripod and counterweight ... 7kg

The 1.25" Focuser:

This component is particular important for a telescope. It accepts the various eyepieces needed for different magnification, and allows fine focusing. The Megastar 1550 has a 1.25” focuser which is common standard, hence the telescope is compatible to many accessiories which will come in handy in the future.

Megastar 1550 accessories

The large accessory kit included:

Only with the correct accessories a telescope can be utilized to its full potential. The Megastar 1550 convices by the large set of accessories included:

-- 1,25" Plössl eyepiece of 25mm focal length for 56x (Overview and large objects)
-- 1,25" Plössl eyepiece of 6,5mm focal length for 215x (maximum power)
-- 2x Barlow lens to double magnification
-- 1,5x erecting lens for terrestrial views (puts the image upright)
-- 6x30 optical finder
-- Lunar filter to dampen the lunar surface brighness which may be dazzling at low power

Scope of Delivery:

-- complete astronomical telescope with mount and tripod, ready to use
-- various accessiories
-- user manual

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Adaptors, Barlows ...:
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General Accessories:
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LED Red + White Flashlight - dimmable

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Red LED Head Lamp - hands stay free

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Baader Astro Solar Safety Film - visual ND 5,0 - 20x30cm

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TS Optics LE 8x40 wide field Porro binoculars - multi coated - rubber armoured

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Pentaflex observation chair - for relaxed observations

Cleaning & Collimating:
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TS Cleaning kit (five parts) - for almost all optical surfaces

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TS CleanPen - Optics Cleaning Pen with Pad and Brush

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BAADER Optical Wonder Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


Baader Optical Wonder Cleaning Fluid with Dose Vaporizer

Transport & Covers:
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Starway photo/accessory case - versatile internal distribution

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TS Deluxe Accessory Case for 9 eyepieces or adapters

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TS padded carrying case for telescopes and mounts Length 110cm - Diameter 30cm

Accessories for mounts:
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Star atlas for small telescopes

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(Astronomical yearbook in German language)

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Welcher Stern ist das? (In German language)

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Introduction to digital astrophotography

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Planisphere - 50° Northern Latitude - Star Chart - German vers.

9,90 EUR*

Teleskop 1x1 - How to operate a telescope - German

Photo Acessories:
39,00 EUR*

TS direct Adaptor to T2 for 1.25" eyepieces for eyepiece project

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Digiklemme - Universal Digital Camera Adapter

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TS moon and planetary astro CCD camera with 1,25" connection

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