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Sky quality meter with lens - for distinctive night sky measurem

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Sky Quality Meter with Lens

Sky Quality Meter - Measurement of the night sky brightness

A particular innovative product for the stargazer - within seconds you can determine the sky brightness using this cigarette-box sized instrument. No "faintest star" estimates any more, no influence of daily condition or vision impairment by the observer.

A high sensitive sensor measures the integrated sky brightness around a solid angle of 42° (FWHM) around the central axis of the instrument. The value will be displayed in magnitudes per square arcseconds.

Using a lens, a sky region of interest gets focused:

While you get an integrated mean value when scanning the sky with the standard Sky Quality Meter SQM, here you use a lens to concentrate on a smaller region of interest to get a more precise value in a particular direction (20°).

Possible applications are for example the unbiased comparision between different sites, the assessment if it is worthwhile to photograph a particular object tonight, the documentation of progressing light pollution and much more.

The sensitivity bandwith of the detector covers the visual range. The measurement itself starts after pressing the trigger button and the maximum time needed is about 8 seconds. The current temperature is displayed as well to cover up slight drifts of different measurements caused by temperature.

Size: 9,5 x 6 x 4 cm, weight: 105 grams. Incl. 9V block battery.

Alternatively, the SQM is also available in the following versions:
SQM without lens
SQM-LU with USB connection for network operation
SQM-LE with Ethernet connection for network operation

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Customer reviews:

Author: Domingos Barbosa, 08.01.2017
Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS

"Good product to check adequate sky brightness for astronomy observations."
Author: David-Ioan-Mihail Chifiriuc, 18.06.2016
Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS

"I received the product in excellent condition after a prompt delivery. Great device, I use it to compare sky brightness at different sites for astrophotography related purposes and it does its job very well."
Author: Yue Chui, 03.02.2016
Evaluation: TEXT_OF_5_STARS

"Some may think this is a luxury item but it has uses beyond astronomical observing. I used this device extensively to search for the darkest available sites, surveying the sky background brightness in relation to distance from zenith. My sites around zenith are generally 18.5 - 19.0 mag/ arcsec^2 without moon which are among the darkest available sites in Hong Kong. However, I also used it to survey human ecology and natural ecology purposes, as it can track light pollution in different areas and at different times of the night, I tested 13 mag/ arcsec^2 at 9pm and 16 mag/ arcsec^2 at 0am in a darkened spot near Hong Kong central business district, when the sky turn from blue-white to orange-red. It is also possible to put a polariser in front of the sensor and rotate it at different polarisation angle to track light pollution effects on migration birds, for example. I have even tested it in neon billboards and day light sky background. An important disadvantage is its fixed spectral range, and no accurate sensor spectral sensitivity curve can be found or easily tested. Still, this is a most useful device and very easy to carry around. The with lens version is greatly preferred as it allows different parts of the sky to be measured."


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