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Celestron OMNI 102/1000mm refractor telescope on CG4 mount

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Celestron OMNI 102/1000mm refractor telescope on CG4 mount

A very versatile instrument for the beginner, but also a nice telescope for the spontaneous use

Celestron 102/1000 Omni

Refractor 102/1000mm complete with OMNI mount on height adjustable tripod (Celestron 21088)

A telescope of this aperture shows moon and planets already with high resolution. On the other side there is enough light grasp to see several hundreds of nebular, star clusters and galaxies.

The most important features:
  • high optical quality incl. Celestron XLT coatings,
  • stable, precise mount with setting circles and manual slow motion (motors, e.g. for astrophotograph, can be added later .... see recommended accesories),
  • worm gears with ball bearings,
  • rigid but lightweight steel tripod,
  • setup in a few minutes witout any tools
  • best performance for money for a Celestron scope
  • practical quick-release dovetail attachment of the tube
  • manual
  • elegant design

XLT Logo

Celestron's XLT coating offers a brighter image with more contrast compared to standard coatings. Each OMNI telescope is delivered with this coating.

Montierung Celestron CG-4The mount and the triped of the OMNI scope series:

The task of the mount is to carry the optical tube stable and secure and to allow precise tracking. This task is fulfilled by the OMNI mount.

-- sturdy stainless steel tripod - adjustable heigth 140cm
-- Quick-release for the mount
-- Mount CG4 with manual fine adjustment
-- Quick-release - instrument can be detached within seconds

Technical data:
-- Aperture 102mm / focal length 1000mm f/9,8
-- achromatic air-spaced objektive with XLT coating
-- stellar magnitude limit ... 12,5mag
-- maximum resolving power ... 1,14"
-- maximum reasonable magnification ... about 240 x
-- Weight of optical tube ... 4,3kg
-- Weight of mount with tripod ... 15kg
-- Tube length ... about 100cm

Scope of delivery:
-- optical tube with tube rings and dovetail
-- 6x30 finder with quick-release attachment
-- 1,25" mirror diagonal / high quality Plössl 25mm
-- OMNI mount CG4 with steel tripod
-- Software "The Sky - Level 1"

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