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Celestron C6 on paralactic Mount N-EQ3 - 150mm f/10 SC telescope

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Celestron C6 w/ EQ3C6 - Schmidt Cassegrain - Aperture: 150mm / focal length:
1500mm with EQ-3 German equatorial mount

The C6 gathers ca. 40% more light than a 5" (125mm) refractor but is significantly more compact. It is ideal for both the beginner and the advanced amateur who pay attention on good optical performance and a transportable system.

The optical design:
The C-6 by Celestron is a powerful but highly transportable Cassegrain system. With this 6" SC, Celestron has closed a relatively big gap between the smaller C5 and the C8. It accepts even 2" accessories with its SC thread - essential for wide field observation.

The german equatorial mount EQ3-2:
The parallactic EQ3-2 mount holds this Schmidt-Cassegrain with good stability. The additional short length of the OTA helps preventing stress on the mount's mechanical system.

A height-adjustable alloy field tripod comes as a standard equipment with this mount. Manual flexible control shafts are also standard.

Equipped for astro photography:
The mount has fine adjustments for azimuth and latitude - that's important for precise polar alignment.

Link to more information about the EQ3
The internal focusing system:
The advantages of focusing by moving the main mirror are undisputed. The only disadvange, the main mirror shifting, has been solved by Celestron. No disturbing shifting degrades the focus precision.

Very versatile with the SC thread and the internal focusing:

-- Adaption of nearly all kinds of cameras without any problems
-- 2" eyepieces and diagonals can be attached
-- Binoviewers can be brought into focus without the need of a glass path corrector
Celestron SC detailThe Celestron C6 is a powerful tool for astro photograpy. The big aperture of 150mm and the diffraction limited optical system allow impressive pictures of the Moon and Planets. Additionally, we offer a f/6.3 focal reducer / field flattener for this telescope.
XLT logoXLT Coatings: The multi-layer anti-reflective coatings allow very high light transmission. Especially around the wave length around 500nm, 10% more light are brought into the eyepiece. Here, the human eye is very sensitive.
Vorteile des Celestron Schmidt Cassegrain Systems:
Short design1500mm focal length in an only 406mm long OTA result in a compact but powerful system. That's good for the mount and for the transportability.
No focus problemsThe focal point is moved by adjusting the main mirror's position. This causes a very wide focus range allowing the connection of nearly any accessory parts for observation and photography.
Stiff tubeEven astro photography with long integration times is possible. Due to the short tube design, no bending occurs.
Easy adaptionsThe Schmidt-Cassegrain comes with a GP-style prism rail. So it can be fixed easily to all standard mounting heads.

Technical details:
-- Aperture: 150mm
-- Focal length: 1500mm
-- Photographic speed: f/10
-- Schmidt-Cassegrain design with XLT coatings
-- Max. useful magnification: ca. 350x
-- Limiting visual magnitude: 13m4
-- Resolution: 0.77"
-- Diametral secondary obstruction: 37%
-- OTA length: 406mm

Scope of delivery:
-- C6 OTA with GP-style prism rail
-- 6x30 viewfinder
-- SC thread with 1.25" reducer
-- 1.25" diagonal mirror and 25mm Plössl eyepiece
-- EQ3 German equatorial mount with manual fine controls and height-adjustable field tripod

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