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TS-Optics 2 kg Counterweight for counterweight shafts with 20 mm diameter
The counterweight is pushed onto the counterweight rod of the mount and locked with the knurled screw at the side. It weighs 2 kg and fits to many mounts like:

Skywatcher: EQ3, EQ4 and EQ5 ...
Vixen: GP, Sphinx, SXD ... Series ...
Meade Bresser: LXD75, LXD55, Mon2, Exos ...
Celestron: AS-VX Advanced Mount, OMNI Mount, CGEM ...
iOptron: 3500, 3520, 3200, 3000 ...
Orion USA: SkyView

Practical tip from TS - how can I get the telescope into balance:
For completely using the full stability of the mount, it is important to balance the telescope as well as possible. Proceed as follows:

1. Slide the counterweight to a lower position of the counterweigth shaft and unlock both axes of the mount (right ascension and declination axis).

2. Turn the telescope to a horizontal position. Then, move the telescope tube in the direction of the focuser or main optics until the tube is balanced.

3. Rotate the RA axis until the counterweight shaft is horizontal. Now slide the counterweight until telescope and counterweight balance each other out.

Now the telescope is balanced and you can start.

Practical tip from TS - how many counterweights:
We recommend not to put the counterweight at the lowest end of the counterweight rod. The disadvantage lever causes vibrations. If the balance can only be achieved by placing the counterweight to the lowest end, it is better to use a heavier or an additional counterweight. By this, you can place the counterweigth at a better position, so vibrations are reduced.
Weight:2 kg
Diameter central bore:20 mm
Counterweight 2 kg

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Written by Benjamin Url
on 2018-07-17

"Perfekt für die Ausbalancierung meines kleinen TS 65/420 Quadruplets auf meiner HEQ 5 Pro"

Written by Stefan Stempfhuber
on 2017-12-14

"Wie beschrieben"