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GSO Carbon Fibre Newtonian Telescope 12" f/5 - Tube made in Germany

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GSO Carbon Fibre Newtonian Telescope - 12" - 305mm f/5 - Focal Lengh 1500mm
... a very good teleskope for astrophotography but also for visual observing
... carbon tube made in Germany - telescope assembled in Germany

GSO Newton Carbon Tubus
Image shows the 200mm Carbon Newtonian Telescope

Teleskop Service and GSO offers a new line of carbon fibre Newtonian telescopes. They are a good alternative to the heavy telescopes with metal tube or to the wobbly newtonians with Aluminium tube. These newtonian telescopes are ready for astrophotography. You will reach the focus with eyepieces and with cameras.

Advantages of the GSO Carbon Fibre Newtonian Telescopes:

GSO Carbon Newton - Spider

-- High quality optics with 94% reflection and a very high surface smoothness. In our opinion, the diffraction limited main mirror is one of the best newtonian optics in this class.

-- The carbon fibre tube not only looks great, it is over 4kg lighter, than the stelle tube version. The total weight incl. rings without finder is around 20kg. The Tube is more stable, than the steel tube and much more stable, than wobbly aluminium tubes. You can fix heavy acessories to the focuser without flexure of the tube.

-- The telescope holds the focus position better, than a newtonian with metal tube. The Carbon Tube is more tolerant against changing of temperature.

-- The newtonian telescope is equiped with the new Dual Speed linear bearing focuser, compatible with the TS USB stepper motor systems.

-- Extra thin secondary vanes made from 0.5mm spring steel makes very fine ultrathin spikes on bright stars.

-- A fan on the backsite on the main mirror cell is mounted for quick cooling down.

-- Easy - grip collimation knobs allows a main mirror collimation without tools

The position of the focus for astrophotography and observing:

The Focus Position is 65mm from the 2" connection of the focuser. So you will have no problems, to reach the focus with DSLR cameras and you can use each standard coma corrector, like the TS Coma Corrector, which makes a good field correcture for DSLR cameras and medium sized CCD cameras.

For visual Observing you need the 35mm 2" extension tube, which is a part of the scope of delivery. You will have no problems to reach the focus also with extreme ultra-wide-angle eyepieces.

The good 2" Crayford Focuser with 1:10 Mikro Transmission


The 2" Crayford holds DSLR cameras and medium sized ccd cameras with a good stability. Maximum capacity load is around 3kg without tilting and with precice aligned focusing drawtube. You will find more information about the focuser under "TSFOCN2M" in our shop.

Primary Mirror Cooling Fan

GSO Newton Hauptspiegelbelüftung Main Mirror Fan

Instead of chosing exotic and incredibly expensive mirror substrates we have chosen to equip this telescope with a primary mirror cooling fan to accelerate cool-down time to ambient temperature. Until a mirror is properly cooled down it will create currents of warm air that will deteriorate the image - no matter which mirror substrate is used. Only after the mirror has cooled down this effect stops.

Parabolical Primary Mirror

The very precisely figured parabolical primary mirror of this telescope is not made of cheap float glass, but rather of BK-7 optical glass that is free of internal stress. Thermic properties are generally better than float glass. At the same time the mirror is way more affordable than more exotic primary mirror substrates that in our opinion bring hardly any advantage at all (see comments under "Primary Mirror Cooling Fan"). For easier collimation the mirrors are properly center marked.

Technical details of the optical tube:

-- Aperture 305mm (12") / focal length 1500mm / photographic speed f/5
-- 94% enhanced reflectivity coatings for a brighter picture
-- Seconcary mirror: 74mm diameter (minor axis)
-- Field illumination: 23mm diam. (100%) / 35mm diam. (90%)
-- Weight: 20 kgs with tube rings
-- Outer diameter: 356mm
-- Tube length: 1450mm
-- 2" Crayford focuser with 1:10 dual speed transmission

Scope of delivery:

-- GSO 300mm f/5 Newtonian - Optical Tube Assembly with tube rings and Germany made Carbon Tube
-- 8x50 finder
-- 2" Crayford focuser with 1:10 dual speed transmission and reducer to 1.25"
-- 2" extension tube 35mm - to achieve focus with all kinds of eyepieces
-- Dust cover
-- 12V main mirror fan
-- Collimation manual

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