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Lacerta MGEN Stand Alone Autoguider for astrophotography

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Lacerta MGEN Stand Alone Autoguider for astrophotography

Lacerta MGEN-II Superguider (Autoguider Camera with remote and stand alone functions) with high sensitive SONY CCD Sensor.

♦ Lacerta MGEN" (made in Hungary) today stands for the most reliable guiding system on market, used widely and enthusiastically in Europe but also worldwide.

♦ Latest version V2.40
♦ High sensitive SONY ICX279AL-E Sensor, you always will find a guiding star.
♦ You will reach 10.5 mag stars with a 50mm finder
♦ Subpixel tracking - you can guide a 10" Newtonian with a 50mm finder
♦ T2 connection with small distance from thread to chip (7mm)
♦ Canon EOS Control possible
♦ Diterhing possible


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