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Celestron Edge HD 800 OTA - 203/2000mm Flatfield Telescope and Astrograph

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Celestron Edge HD 800 OTA - 203/2000mm Flatfield Telescope and Astrograph

Celestron Edge HD 800 - 203/2000 mm Aplanatic Flatfield Cassegrain optical tube - perfect for astrophotography

♦ Aperture 203 mm - focal length 2032 mm - focal ratio f/10

♦ Experience Celestron´s best optical performance with EdgeHD’s aplanatic, flat field Schmidt-Cassegrain optics for pinpoint stars all the way to the edge of today’s largest imaging sensors and widest eyepieces.

♦ Aluminum optical tube with tube vents featuring an integrated 95-micron mesh filter allows hot air to be released from behind the primary mirror. Mirror support knobs hold the mirror in place and reduce image shift during imaging.

♦ Versatile design accommodates 3 focal ratios: native f/10, f/7 with the addition of a focal reducer, or ultra-fast f/2 imaging with a removable secondary mirror and third-party accessories.

♦ Celestron’s premium StarBright XLT coatings provide maximum light transmission.

♦ A 9x50 finderscope, 1.25” mirror diagonal for more comfortable viewing, and 40 mm Plössl 1.25” eyepiece are all included.

♦ Losmandy style dovetail included


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