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Orion UK CT10 Ultra Newtonian - 10" f/4,8 Carbon Tube - 1/10 Lambda

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Orion UK Carbon Newtonian CT10 - 250mm F/4,8 - Deluxe version
... Extreme lightweight and stable sandwich carbon tube

Orion UK CT10L Ultra Newton
Image shows the CT10L with the optional carrying help.

The Orion Ultra Newton CT10 is the most popular in the range of CT telescopes. Having a virtually zero expansion tube which, is considerably more rigid than any other material, flexure with typical cameras and equipment is not an issue.

The resolving power of these telescopes has to be seen to be believed, we guarantee that comparing one of these two instruments with any other telescope of the same aperture, you are going to have available images which outperform others in both detail and low level contrast, perfect partners in getting that last bit of detail out of a planet’s disc or, finally seeing that incredibly small lunar crater inside the much larger one.

Orion ACUS2 Focuser The very stable ACUS2 Focuser

The most important features:

-- Sandwich Carbon tube for zero expansion
-- CNC manufactured rings
-- High quality primary mirror ( with Zygo report)
-- 97% HILUX coating for brighter images
-- 2" Crayford focuser with 1:10 dual speed
-- Backside of te sope is closed and upgraded with 3 fans
-- 4-arms low-profile spider
-- Aperture 250mm / Focal length 1200mm / F/4,8
-- Primary mirror with 1/10 Lambda with Zygo Interferogram (ULTRA Grade optics - Orions best)
-- 97% HILUX Coating

Additional specifications:

-- Tubelength ... 110cm
-- Tube diameter ... 300mm
-- Wall thickness ... 2mm
-- Weight OTA ... 10,9kg with rings
-- Threats inside the rings ... M6
-- Backfocus measured over the tubes' wall... 125mm


Each CT telescope is being supplied exactly the telescope's optical specification, you will pe presented with a ZYGO report with analyses of the mirror's paramaters in detail.

Carbon tube:

The CT Range has a Sandwich construction Carbon Fibre tube with a very pleasing gloss external surface and matt black internal tube surface. Offering the ultimate physical stability with virtually zero expansion for focal plane maintenance.

The rear mirror support is our 9 Point Flotation CNC machined Mirror Cell. This maintains positional acuracy and hence perfect image quality. Also at the rear, our Fan cooling system will minimise cool down times and help maintain image quality during viewing. Fan(s) can be left in continuous operation.

Orion Carbon Newton Mirror Cell



Both sides of the rings are flat with inside M6 threats. So You can attach numerous accessories such as dovetail plates and guiding scopes....

Dovetailplates :
We can offer You a wide range of dovetail accessories and dovetail plates.
...................................................................................... Link to the dovetail accessories of Teleskop Service


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