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Used - old version - TeleVue VIP-2010 - Paracorr Coma Corrector - for f/6 to f/3 Newtonian Telescopes

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Used - old version - TeleVue VIP-2010 - Paracorr Coma Corrector - for f/6 to f/3 Newtonian Telescopes

The Televue Paracorr with Tunable Top was designed for fast focal ratio Newtonian telescopes with 2" focusers..

The corrector is used, but the optics are fine. It is the old version with the slightly shorter tube. The top part with the 2" sleeve and the focuser is missing - only the special thread is present (approx. 65mm diameter) for the M48 and T2 adaptations. However, the corrector is functional.

♦ designed for fast (up to f/3) Newtonian telescopes

♦ noticeable improvement from f/4.5 up

♦ does not induce sperical or chromatic aberration

♦ for 2" focusers

♦ accepts 2" and 1.25" eyepieces, tunable with respect to their field stop distance

♦ adapts to different photographic mounts, like T2, M48 etc.

♦ slight Barlow effect of 1.15x

♦ focal point changes 46 mm outward


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