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Vixen Sphinx-D Starbook GoTo mount

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Vixen Sphinx SXD #2503 Equatorial Mount
The New-Generation Equatorial Mount “SX” has evolved to a mobile type

Vixen Sphinx-D

The loading weight of 15 kg has been produced by improving the material for a better performance, placing the bearing at every point, and implementing an accurate processing in every step from cutting to fabrication.
It is recommended for the people who wish to enjoy the “deep sky” for any field from observation to photography.

Features of SXD Equatorial Mount

1. SX Equatorial Mount Upgraded Model
SXD equatorial mounts are equipped with all the features included in SX equatorial mounts. Additionally, polar axis scopes are provided as a standard attachment for SXD equatorial mounts.

2. Built-in Bearings
Bearings are built in along the R.A. and Decl. axes. The motor loading was greatly reduced by applying bearings on the worm screws, thus a smooth movement was produced.

3. Thick Steels
High precision cutting fabrication steel is used on R.A. and Decl. axes and provides sturdiness.

4. High-Precision Manufacturing
The eccentricity of worm screw was decreased by a high-precision fabrication. Additionally, the whole-circle lapping fabrication of worm screw and wheel has successfully smoothed the movement.

The Controller with a Large Color LCD, "STAR BOOK"

Vixen Starbook controller

The controller with a celestial navigation function is installed in SXD equatorial mounts as in SX equatorial mounts.
STAR BOOK, the world's first controller with a large color LCD screen, displays a map showing the positions of celestial objects. The detailed information of each of the objects on the map is also displayed in the way that users can understand.

In STAR BOOK attached to SXD,

- PEC Function
- Auto-guiding function
- Automatic comet go-to system (by entry of orbit)

are installed.

Star Map Mode
The current positions of the stars are displayed in this mode. The telescope is automatically moved to point to the star (automatic go-to function) by selecting a star on the screen and bringing the cursor over it.

Telescope Mode
Displays the information of the stars in the sky to which the telescope is currently pointing. It shows what the star next to the star being viewed is. This simple model was produced by installing the motors inside. It makes the setup process easy because of the built-in motors (no cords are exposed), unlike the types which you need to install motors separately.

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