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AiryLab Genika Astro Software License

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AiryLab Genika Astro Software License

Genika Astro is an image acquisition software dedicated to astronomical imaging.

Designed for both professional and enthusiast astronomers, it brings the user a unique set of features that covers all applications of the short exposure imaging:

♦ High speed image recording for lucky imaging of planets, moon and sun

♦ Star occultation by asteroid with support of low noise EMCCD or sCMOS cameras

♦ Mutual phenomena between the moons of the giant planets for photometrics analysis

♦ Any image acquisition that requires a high precision timestamping anywhere in the world

♦ Automated high resolution solar acquisition when used with Airylab’s Solar Scintillation Monitor

♦ Image acquisition based upon an external trigger

♦ Any specific astronomical application with or without a dedicated software development

♦ Any specific image processing requirement by developping your own DLL called by Genika


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