ZW Optical - Manufacturer of the ASI cameras - offered from Teleskop Service

ZW Optical offers a wide rande of high speed astronomy cameras, filters, guiding scopes and many other acessories for astrophotography and astronomy. Teleskop Service is the first ZWO Center in Germany. We offer best prices and of course best possible advice through astrophotography specialists.

ASI Cooled Cameras
Cameras with cooling for long-time exposures

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ASI uncooled Cameras
Cameras without cooling for short exposure times

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ZWO Guiding Scope
Compact and lightweight guiding scope with 60mm aperture

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ZWO Nebular filters
1.25" Narrow Band filters for mono cameras

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ZWO Filtersets
L-RGB and Nebular filtersets

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ZWO Single Filters
IR Cut, Clear filters and Protect Windows

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ZWO Filterwheel
Filterwheels for up to eight filters

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ZWO Adapter
T2 adapter for C-Mount objectives

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 ASI ZWoptical / Set-Offers Camera, Filter, Wheels  
instead 1.552,10 EUR
only 1.454,62 EUR*

ASI Set 1600MM-Pro with Mini Filter Wheel and 31 mm LRGB Set
instead 1.694,96 EUR
only 1.594,12 EUR*

ASI Set 1600MM-Pro with Mini Filter Wheel, 31 mm LRGB Set and 31 mm Ha-Filter
 ASI ZWoptical / Special Adapters for Astrophotography  
26,05 EUR*

ZWOptical ASI 1,25" Low Profile Cover
32,77 EUR*

ZWO Canon EOS Lens Adapter for ZWO filter wheels and astro cameras
20,17 EUR*

ZWO Nikon Lens Adapter to Canon EOS mount
42,02 EUR*

ZWO Nikon Lens Adapter for ZWO filter wheels and astro cameras
 ASI ZWoptical / T2 M48 and C-Mount Bayonet  
32,77 EUR*

ZWO Adapter for Canon EOS lenses for ASI full format cameras
56,30 EUR*

ZWO Adapter for Nikon lenses for ASI full format cameras
 ASI ZWoptical / T2 Thread Adapter  
17,65 EUR*

ZWO T2 adapter for C Mount lenses
17,65 EUR*

ASI 1.25" T-Mount Photography Camera Adapter
15,97 EUR*

ASI T2-T2 Adapter, short
32,77 EUR*

ZWO Adapter for Canon EOS lenses to ASI cameras
31,09 EUR*

ZWO T2 to Micro-4/3 Adapter for ASI Cameras
17,65 EUR*

ZWO T2 Filter Holder for 1.25" filters
32,77 EUR*

ZWO ASI T2 Tilter - tilting compensator
40,34 EUR*

ZWO Adapter for attaching NIKON lenses to Astro Cameras
15,97 EUR*

ZWO Adapter from M48 - 2" filter thread to T2 - length 16.5 mm
26,89 EUR*

ZWO Adapter T2 male / male and 1.25 inch holder


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