Starter telescope packages suitable for age 6+

Very good and complete Starter Telescopes - ready for a good start in Astronomy

Studying the stars is just fun and can accompany one throughout his entire life. On this page, you can find the matching products for making the first steps into astronomy a success.

These pages show a small selection of our entire offer. You can find the complete product range of Teleskop-Service in the "Products" section at left.
Telescope for Beginner Aperture 70 mm
82.35 €
Telescope for Beginner Aperture 80 mm
154.62 €
Telescope for Beginner Newton Ap. 76mm
74.79 €
Telescope for Beginner Newton Ap. 130mm
184.03 €
Celestron Mini Telescope 76mm Aperture
54.62 €
Celestron Beginner GoTo Telescope
461.34 €
TS 6" f/5 Deluxe Newtonian Telescope EQ3
394.12 €
GSO 8" f6 Dobsonian Telescope Quality Mirror
331.93 €
 -TS Telescopes  

Advice and Information before buying your first telescope - Tips
instead 83,19 EUR
only 74,79 EUR*

TS-Optics Newtonian 76/700mm telescope with mount, tripod and much accessories
instead 167,23 EUR
only 158,82 EUR*

TS-Optics Newtonian 114/900mm EQ3-1 - complete telescope for beginners 8+
instead 200,84 EUR
only 184,03 EUR*

TS-Optics Starscope1306 - 130/650 mm beginner telescope with equatorial mount
instead 242,86 EUR
only 226,05 EUR*

TS-Optics Beginner Telescope 150/750 mm with mount EQ3-1
instead 234,45 EUR
only 218,40 EUR*

TS-Optics Megastar1550 - 150/1400 mm beginner telescope on EQ3-1 mount
instead 91,60 EUR
only 83,95 EUR*

TS-Optics Optics Starscope 60/900mm refractor telescope with EQ2-1 mount & tripod
instead 91,60 EUR
only 82,35 EUR*

TS-Optics Starscope 70/700mm refractor telescope with mount & tripod
instead 133,61 EUR
only 125,21 EUR*

TS-Optics JUPITER - Refractor Set 70/900mm on equatorial mount for beginners age 7+
154,62 EUR*

TS-Optics Starscope 80/900mm refractor telescope with EQ3-1 mount & tripod
 Bresser Optic  
301,68 EUR*

BRESSER Automatik 80/400 Telescope with GoTo
587,40 EUR*

Bresser Messier MCX-102 GoTo Maksutov Telescope with Tripod
713,45 EUR*

Bresser Messier MCX-127 GoTo Maksutov Telescope with Tripod
83,19 EUR*

BRESSER Solarix 76/350mm Solar Telescope with Tripod
75,55 EUR*

instead 335,29 EUR
only 318,49 EUR*

Celestron LCM 80 Goto Refractor Telescope 80/900mm - for beginners
instead 542,02 EUR
only 486,55 EUR*

OFFER Celestron GoTo Refraktor Teleskop 102/660mm - 2" focuser
instead 503,36 EUR
only 461,34 EUR*

Celestron NexStar 130SLT - 130/650mm Newton Goto Telescope
instead 227,73 EUR
only 209,24 EUR*

Celestron Inspire 70AZ - Entry-level Telescope 70/700mm with Smartphone Holder
instead 108,40 EUR
only 100,00 EUR*

Celestron Powerseeker 70AZ - 70 mm Telescope for astronomy and nature
instead 57,98 EUR
only 54,62 EUR*

Celestron Firstscope 76 - 76/300mm Beginner Dobsonian Telescope
instead 183,19 EUR
only 159,58 EUR*

Celestron Powerseeker 80EQ - 80/900mm refractor telescope
 GSO Guan Sheng Optical  
instead 305,88 EUR
only 209,24 EUR*

GSO Dobsonian Telescope 150C - 6 inch aperture with fine Crayford focuser
instead 461,34 EUR
only 419,33 EUR*

GSO 8-inch f/6 Dobsonian Telescope Deluxe Version
instead 404,20 EUR
only 308,40 EUR*

iOptron Solar 60 Computerized Telescope
instead 60,46 EUR
only 57,14 EUR*

Skywatcher Heritage 76/300mm Mini Dobsonian
instead 91,60 EUR
only 83,19 EUR*

Skywatcher Astrolux 76 mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope
instead 91,60 EUR
only 88,24 EUR*

Skywatcher Mercury-707 AZ2 / complete beginner´s telescope
217,65 EUR*

Skywatcher Heritage 114 Virtuoso - 114/500mm Newtonian with Auto Tracking
138,66 EUR*

Skywatcher Mercury-705 EQ1 - 70/500mm Refractor Telescope
instead 184,03 EUR
only 175,63 EUR*

Skywatcher Explorer-130 on EQ2 - 130/900mm Newtonian Telescope
432,77 EUR*

Skywatcher Star Discovery 150Pi WIFI GoTo Newtonian Telescope
instead 192,44 EUR
only 184,03 EUR*

Skywatcher Evostar-90 on EQ-2 Refractor telescope on parallactic mount
instead 385,71 EUR
only 368,91 EUR*

Skywatcher Startravel-102 Synscan - 102/500mm GoTo Telescope
instead 402,52 EUR
only 382,35 EUR*

Skywatcher Evostar-102 on EQ3 / Refractor telescope 102/1000mm
instead 197,48 EUR
only 187,40 EUR*

Skywatcher Skymax-90 on EQ1 / 90/1250mm Maksutov Cassegrain
instead 217,65 EUR
only 209,24 EUR*

Skywatcher Heritage 90 Virtuoso - 90mm Maksutov with Auto Tracking
315,13 EUR*

Skywatcher Maksutov Telescope SkyMax-102 on AZ EQ Avant Mount
instead 385,71 EUR
only 357,98 EUR*

Skywatcher Skymax-102 / GoTo Maksutov telescope 102/1300mm
instead 503,36 EUR
only 478,15 EUR*

Skywatcher Skymax 127 EQ3 - 127/1500mm Maksutov Telescope
instead 108,40 EUR
only 102,52 EUR*

Skywatcher Heritage-100P - 100mm / 4" f4 Tabletop Dobsonian Telescope
instead 175,63 EUR
only 158,82 EUR*

Skywatcher Heritage 130P FlexTube Dobson - 6years +
instead 331,93 EUR
only 315,13 EUR*

Skywatcher Skyliner-200P / Classic 8" f/6 Parabolic Dobsonian
instead 53,74 EUR
only 41,18 EUR*

Skywatcher Beginner Telescope Infinity 76P - Mini Dobsonian Telescope
instead 180,67 EUR
only 172,27 EUR*

Skywatcher Evostar-90 on AZ3 Mount

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